Steve Lavin Has a Very Active, Extremely Interesting Instagram Account

steve lavin coach

“Social Media Expert” is a meaningless title, said “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver during an episode last season. “All it takes is wanting it bad enough and not caring if people hate you,” he followed up on another episode later that season.

He’s right, and I often reiterate these quotes before judging someone on the content of their social media accounts. When it comes to Steve Lavin, though I have nothing but good things to say.

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Jonathan Toews Makes Passionate Call for Action on Climate Change

jonathan toews

Climate change is real and there is certainly no debate on that. Science has decided that, whether global warming deniers or skeptics choose to accept it. Of course, the major key to resolving the climate crisis is to get everyone on board with the cause and on the same page with their beliefs.

Chicago Blackhawks star Jonathan Toews has once again shared his views on climate change, and he’s made his plea to people on both sides of the debate. This is exactly what he hope to see from big time pro athletes like Jonathan Toews, using the tremendous platform he possesses to project a powerful social message.

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March for Science Statement on U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Climate Agreement

march for science

Yesterday was disastrous for the eco-movement. POTUS Donald Trump made the horrific decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate agreement. The U.S. now joins Nicaragua (who’s out of the accord because they don’t think the pact goes far enough in trying to prevent disastrous climate change) and Syria as the only other major developed nations out of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

This abominable decision by Trump is a complete failure on multiple levels. The United States has now ceded its position as leader of the free world.

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Indy 500, Little 500, Broadripple: Bawdy Tales of Indianapolis Racing Weekend Hijinks

indianapolis motor speedway

A decade ago, I attended my first Indy 500, and it was in the infield.

My people watching that day became an essay which is among the site’s most popular posts of all time. A decade later, I returned to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, ready once again to regale you with tales of auto racing’s zaniest fans, on racing’s biggest weekend.

This time we added two more settings- the Little 500 in Anderson (about an hour from the speedway) and Broadripple, the neighborhood boasting the hippest nightlife in all of nap town.

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Takuma Sato Wins Indy 500, Denver Columnist Tweets Bigotry, Gets Fired

indy 500

The 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 featured more drivers leading the race (15) than any in history. Although it was a very slow moving race due to several cautions, and the long depth of the stoppages, it was still a very exciting race. New ground was broken when former Formula One driver Takuma Sato took home the checkered flag, thus becoming the first Japanese winner in history.

Seeing this special moment in The Greatest Spectacle in Racing’s history transpire, one felt compelled to make a Tweet that although totally falling on deaf ears at the time, ended up being rather prescient and completely relevant.

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Tony Stewart Gives Little 500 Race, City of Andersonville Badly Needed Thrill


It was the hottest Little 500 ticket in recent memory. There’s nothing like a fallen and disgraced celebrity and still hometown hero to bring ’em out on a Saturday night. If the sport is auto racing, and that native son also happened to have once accidentally killed somebody on the track, well that makes all the more a big attraction.

Tony Stewart, yes, “Smoke” himself, native of Columbus, Indiana, just about 90 minutes down the road from Anderson Speedway was in Anderson, Indiana Saturday night to compete in the Little 500.

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WORST (or BEST) of the Indianapolis 500 Infield People Watching


The Indianapolis 500 is the world’s highest attended single day event. Its total capacity is approximately 400,000 with about 125,000 located in the cheapest and most “festive” seats of the infield.

All newbies marvel at the sheer size of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway upon entering it the first time. The modern day answer to Circus Maximus is large enough to hypothetically house the Vatican, Churchill Downs, Yankee Stadium and the Rose Bowl all at the same time.

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American Writer’s Museum Exemplifies Future Trends in Exhibition Galleries (Photo Journal)

american writer's museum ernest hemingway

The American Writer’s Museum, the first and only of its kind in this country, opens up in Chicago, and not New York or Washington D.C. on Tuesday, May 16th.

At the media preview today, award winning poet and author Ana Castillo brought up the astonishment many people have when they find out the American Writer’s Museum is in Chicago, and not either of the two eastern seaboard metropolises previously mentioned. Chicago is a city that consistently flies under the radar when it comes to culture.

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EXCLUSIVE: Lane Kiffin on Twitter Controversy, Why He Chose FAU over Bigger Programs

lane kiffin

Roughly a decade ago, Lane Kiffin became one of the youngest head coaches in NFL history at age 31 when he accepted the Oakland Raiders.

Since then he’s had short stints at Tennessee, USC and Alabama. After departing from the Crimson Tide earlier this year, Kiffin was offered a number of opportunities at powerhouse college football programs all across the country. Thus, many were a bit surprised when he chose Florida Atlantic University over the more brand name programs.

What made FAU more appealing? We asked Lane Kiffin this exact question during our exclusive with the Owls Head Coach.

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ESPN Layoffs: Five General Ideas For What the Network Should Do Moving Forward


The ESPN layoffs announced this past Wednesday sent massive reverberations all throughout the sports media business. In this trade, it’s the story of the year. It dominated national and international headlines for days because it reaches so many different facets and niches.

Last week, we listed eight truths this development taught us about the current state of the sports media business. Yesterday we looked at five major issues the network (and many of us as well) must resolve. Today we detail five steps that we believe the company should take in the wake of the ESPN layoffs.

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ESPN Layoffs: Five Major Issues Bristol Must Resolve Moving Forward


The ESPN layoffs announced this past Wednesday sent shockwaves throughout the sports media business. It’s the industry news story of the year. It dominated national and international headlines for days because this development affects so many different facets and niches.

We listed eight truths this development taught us about the current state of the sports media business. Now we look at five major issues the network (and many of us content creators and consumers as well) must resolve. Tomorrow, we’ll detail five steps that we believe the company should take in the wake of the ESPN layoffs.

Let’s dive right in.

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Serena Williams Accidentally Reveals Pregnancy on Snapchat

serena williams

Snapchat is one of the newest and most popular social media sites out there at the moment. It’s used to upload pictures for all of your friends to see – but they disappear after 24 hours.

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