NFL playoffs seedings, schedule, tv info and kickoff times


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced minutes ago the NFL playoffs schedule of sites, dates and times for the Wild Card and Divisional Playoffs on January 11-12 (all times Eastern. Nope, this site is a Midwest thing! All NFL playoffs kick times are CENTRAL

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Former New England Patriots on the Pats policy of player expendability


If there was a song that New England Patriots management could sing to it’s players it’s…..

“I could have another you in a minute. Matter fact he’ll be here in a minute, baby.  You must not know ’bout me. You must not know ’bout me. I can have another you by tomorrow. So don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable.”

Wes Welker knows that, and he’s the main reason this was the NFL talking heads topic du jour, as his Denver Broncos would later take on the New England Patriots in the Sunday night prime time game which was an instant classic; with a finish you had to see to be believed.

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Wes Welker talks about revenge game vs Patriots tonight


Tonight will be the Wes Welker bowl as the New England Patriots take on the Denver Broncos. Wes Welker is one of the top 5 best receivers in the game today and probably the best slot receiver in NFL history. However, the Patriots didn’t believe that “Wes is more” or that you can in fact spell awesome without “W-E-S” and they let Wes Welker go. Maybe it’s for the best as he wasn’t exactly treated as well as he could have been.

Remember that hysterical press conference Wes Welker gave with all the feet metaphors in the wake of the New York Jets Rex Ryan foot fetish video revelation? When Welker not so subtly made numerous foot jokes previewing the Patriots vs  Jets AFC playoff game?

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Tom Brady hand issue: Belichick outdoes himself on injury obfuscation

tom brady

How did we not hear a word about the hand of Tom Brady this week? You saw how disgusting and swollen it was. You saw how much it affected him, and the New England Patriots passing game. Yet there was not even a whisper, all week, about the injured hand of Tom Brady. We didn’t even hear about a Tom Brady “upper body injury.”

We know Bill Belichick is the absolute master when it comes to lying about injuries. Belichick takes the art of being a complete dick to reporters about injury information to the highest level. He really outdid himself on this one. If Bill Belichick were a mommy-blogger, then the Tom Brady swollen hand would be his most shared post on his Facebook Fan Page.

Referring to his level of success there obviously; not in regards to the level of public knowledge.

Former Patriots teammate Rodney Harrison on Tom Brady:

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Bill Belichick takes his horrible PR skills to a new abyss

bill belichick hood

Bill Belichick has a reputation for being Bill Belichick.

And by that I mean, his press conferences have a reputation for being the most pointless exercises in human history. He’s a one man Media Relations Department. An extremely assholish Media Relations Department.

With Bill Belichick all information is on a need to know basis. And according to BB, no one ever needs to know anything. Ever.

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Tom Brady clearly hates his garbage receiving corps


You can understand why Tom Brady texted Deion Branch and Brandon Lloyd asking them to come back to Foxboro. It’s clear Lloyd is not coming back to football, certainly this year. Maybe not ever.

(Update: Brady denies NFL Network report that he contacted receivers)

Tom Brady likely says to himself everyday at work: “why am I surrounded by freaking idiots?” Of course, he’d never say that out loud because Tom Brady is, by design, the most boring human being on the face of the Earth. You can have a 30 minute exclusive with Tom Brady and it will give you as much material to work with for your story as 30 minutes of absolute silence.

But we’re not here to talk about how boring Brady is in press conferences, we’re here to talk about how horrible his receiving corps is, and how it probably eats him up inside.

Even if he can’t say anything about it. (But don’t feel too sorry for him, his wife Gisele is a supermodel AND a United Nations Ambassador)

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Brady’s Wife Gisele Bundchen presents Champion of the Earth


If only I lived in New York City, I could have met/interviewed Gisele Bundchen, UNEP Ambassador and wife of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is set to present the UN’s highest environmental accolade, the Champions of the Earth award.

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Aaron Hernandez: how NFL and Patriots sportscasters will handle it this season


Regardless of how the Aaron Hernandez trial plays out in the courtroom, he’s already done a tremendous amount of damage in the court of public opinion. Aaron Hernandez has damaged the New England Patriots reputation worse than Zeke Mowatt and Spygate combined times 1000.

He’s been worse for the NFL than Mike Vick’s dogfighting and Ray Lewis accessory to murder allegations times 100. So how will NFL announcers handle this situation in 2013 when calling games?

Aaron Hernandez will inevitably come up this 2013 NFL season, even when the New England Patriots aren’t playing. So how will the league’s sportscasters talk about it? Three giants of the sportscasting world, Bob Costas, Jim Nantz and Dan Patrick weigh in.

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2013 NFL Season Predictions: Super Bowl Champion Bengals!



Making predictions for the Super Bowl on February 2nd today on August 27th. Yes, you got to love it. That’s why I’m all about the Cincinnati Bengals as your Super Bowl champion. When you make NFL divisional and Wild Card picks before even the 4th preseason game…well that’s bold.

Look for these to be about as accurate as my NFL mock draft. So don’t take this with a grain of salt. How about a whole truckload of salt. Well, time is a wasting so let’s jump right to the predictions.

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Celtics sideline reporter Kristine Leahy now covering Army Football


With the Boston Celtics reaching this past  NBA Eastern Conference Finals, “good job, good effort” a Kristine Leahy post is long overdue; she is a local product after all. From her bio page:

Kristine Leahy is currently the Sports Anchor and Reporter for Fox25 in Boston. Prior to joining fox, she served as the in-arena and CelticsTV host/reporter for the Boston Celtics. She previously hosted’s daily sports show, The Five, and worked as the site’s reporter for fans all over New England.

Sports were always a big part of Kristine Leahy  life as a kid growing up in Chicago.

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Aaron Hernandez: answering the deep, thought-provoking questions


In the wake of the Aaron Hernandez murder case, I have a lot of questions. That need answers. Such as 1.) Why have the New England Patriots continued to sign/draft malcontents and players with character issues? 2.) Why didn’t they do a better job vetting Aaron Hernandez? Or did they see the warning signs and just ignore them? 3.) What does The Patriot Way really mean today? Hasn’t the idea and the team brand been irreparably tarnished?

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Fans turned in Aaron Hernandez gear, I return all Patriots regalia


As you heard, the New England Patriots took a $275,000 financial loss from Patriots fans turning in their Aaron Hernandez jerseys and t-shirts. However, there a lot more to the Patriots culture of Thug Life than Aaron Hernandez. Here are eight  players who’ve been arrested since 2010!

Aaron Hernandez is the most extreme case, but there’s been plenty of crime, and very little accompanying punishment going on in Foxboro these past few years. Simply put, the Patriots had a noble idea: being the NFL “Island of Misfit Toys,” where the Draconian Bill Belichick and his coaching staff, along with his staid cadre of good guy, stand-up veterans rehabilitate these miscreants. It could have been very well intentioned. Give these guys another chance!

“Boys will be boys” and then they join the NE Patriots to all of a sudden go find Jesus. The Pats win games and these broken wings find themselves and turn their lives around.

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