Randy Moss ESPN 30 for 30 is one that you must watch

randy moss

In the words of Andre 3000 from Outkast: “glitter, glisten, floss, floss I catch a beat running like like Randy Moss.”

On the evening of Veterans Day, ESPN will premiere “Rand University,” directed by Marquis Daisy and narrated by Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire). It explores the development of Randy Moss from literally out of nowhere.

Rand, West Virginia is about as nowhere as it gets and when you watch the first half of this ESPN 30 for 30, you’ll absorb that message.

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Tom Brady leads New England’s resurgence

Gisele Bundchen tom brady

The New England Patriots are a shining example of a team that suffered a “good” loss. New England’s historically embarrassing loss to Kansas City in week four has proven to be the wake-up slap the Patriots needed to turn their season around from a disappointing 2-2 start. Since that loss, New England has gone 5-0, winning all but one of those games by double-digits. [Read more…]

Tom Brady is bad now because his OL is terrible


If you want to know why Tom Brady is bad now it’s not because he’s aged/declined rapidly. Yes, he is on the wrong side of 36. Yes, the window for Brady and Bill Belichick is closing, but let’s not make a full catastrophe out of it. I know, he just had his worst all around game in about 8 years, and by some measures his worst game ever.

Facing your new AFC Championship favorite Cincinnati Bengals next week isn’t just what the doctor ordered either. However, what’s wrong with Tom Brady is quite simple: lack of protection.

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Jameis Winston and N.E. Patriots look like perfect match


Jameis Winston coined the phrase “Manziel Disease,” long before before anyone had ever heard of #5.

Now he has contracted an acute case of Manziel disease himself. No doubt he has the goods on-the-field to play in the NFL. Scouts and GMs know he has the whole package.

However, he keeps doing very stupid things off the field and he doesn’t seem to be any closer to having the two epiphanies that Johnny Manziel did.

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New England Patriots better bring their offense Monday night


When the New England Patriots travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs, they better pack their offense with them. New England has some real problems on offense. They’ve only scored 12 second-half points this year and rank near the bottom of the NFL in many of the major categories. They are 27th in passing yards; 22nd in rushing. 

That simply won’t cut it when the take on the Chiefs, who went 11-5 en route to the playoffs last year, on Monday Night Football.

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PHOTO: Tom Brady posts his college resume online


Tom Brady is the all time NFL Draft “Horatio Alger” story. As a sixth round pick, the New England Patriots did not expect much from him.  No one in the entire NFL did.

Considering that the NFL Draft is only seven rounds long, at pick #199 he came very close to going un-drafted in 2000. Had that occurred, the University of Michigan graduate would have faced very long odds to catch on in the NFL as a free agent.

Of course, the history of football wrote a very different story.

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2014 New England Patriots expectations are SKY HIGH!


Expectations for the New England Patriots are of the charts this season, and it’s easy to understand why. Pass defense has been this team’s Achilles heel for so long, but they went out and acquired the shut down corner of all shut down corners this season. With Revis Island in tow, as well as the other upgrades to their secondary and pass rush, expect huge things out of the Patriots.

The NFL punditocracy agrees.

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New England Patriots Season Preview with Michael Irvin


So what does the 2014 season hold for the New England Patriots? Here to break it down is NFL Network Analyst Michael Irvin. You pretty much know that the New England Patriots will own the division, but who will be the biggest threat?

It’s fitting that the NFL Network has both Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin as part of their on-air talent roster. Both of these phenomenal athletes helped define what today’s NFL truly is with their physical talents and outsized personalities.

Sanders (exclusive with Neon Deion here) and Irvin established the precedent of what a National Football League superstar must be in today’s mass-marketed, mass media landscape.

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Your New England Patriots 2014 Season Preview


Most teams in any sport would be happy with three consecutive trips to the conference championship that includes one trip to their sport’s finals.

But the New England Patriots aren’t most teams.

Bill Belichick isn’t most coaches, and Tom Brady isn’t most quarterbacks. But neither of these guys are going to be happy with anything less than a Super Bowl win this season.

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ESPN’s Lebron, Manziel, Tebow over-coverage IS TOTALLY justified

Johnny Manziel

We’ve all made jokes about the excessive coverage of Johnny Manziel. And Lebron James. And Tim Tebow.

Specifically, we’ve been critical of ESPN in particular for their over-coverage of these three hugely polarizing figures. Because ESPN is….well, not only is it the most popular network on cable among men 18-34, it’s #1 with a bullet. It’s numbers are so big that the flagship program, SportsCenter, if it stood alone would still be the fifth most popular network all by itself.

So when you’re that big, you’re also a big target. And you and I have repeatedly enjoyed taking aim. But I’m telling you the excessive focus on certain personalities is justified, and warranted. I had a conversation with Stuart Scott and Steve Levy, in which they verified this idea.


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Patriots draft Garoppolo, Ryan Mallett about to be traded to the Texans?


The biggest rumor floating around the NFL Draft was this one: “the New England Patriots are trading Ryan Mallet to the Houston Texans.” This rumor never included any specific stated return for the Patriots, but since the Texans took Jadeveon Clowney with the first overall pick, it has been widely believed that they would attempt to trade for a starting-level QB.

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Patriots won’t trade Ryan Mallett, Texans may go Garoppolo instead


Fox Sports Mike Garafolo says the Houston Texans still have avenues to acquire a quarterback today and could resume trade talks with the New England Patriots about back-up Ryan Mallett.

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