Rob Gronkowski has an “interesting” bowling team name

rob gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is pretty much football Ryan Lochte; I think we’ve established that. Gronk is a lot more interesting and fun in small doses; not with the non stop Rob Gronkowski exposure that accompanied the Patriots Super Bowl run. Of course, Gronkowski isn’t as interesting or as funny as he used to be (we’ve covered why that is here), but he still makes bowling more interesting than it typically is, or could be.

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VIDEO: Daniel Tosh UTTERLY DESTROYS the New England Patriots

daniel tosh

Dear Comedy Central star Daniel Tosh,

Thank you.



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VIDEO: Keith Olbermann DOESN’T CARE about the Super Bowl (I don’t either)


Thank you Keith Olbermann for being brave enough to say what I’ve been thinking and feeling for the past 17 days.

Keith Olbermann doesn’t care about the Super Bowl. Neither do I. Sure, I may go next year, or in future years, to cover the parties and red carpet events. But I don’t care about the actual game anymore. Neither does Olbermann.

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NBC’s Super Bowl XLIX goal: 125 million viewers


Stay with me, this is the ONE TIME that talking about nielsen numbers is actually interesting to somebody who doesn’t work in television.

The ratings for Super Bowl XLIX might become actual legitimate news.

As I’ve said numerous times before, TV ratings are the fantasy football leagues of the media world. To you, your numbers are THE MOST important thing in the entire world. To the rest of the outside world….It’s like Jay Cutler, it’s DOOOOON’T CAAAAAREEE.


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Why ESPN only SEEMS like it’s “Eastern Seaboard Programming Network”

adnan virk espn

Many of us have made the joke: “ESPN, Eastern Seaboard Programming Network.”

Or we’ve at least discussed the famous “east coast bias” at not just ESPN, but within the entire mainstream media.

In May, when The Sports Bank first visited Bristol, we had a frank and honest discussion with both Steve Levy and the late great Stu Scott about the Tim Tebow/Lebron James/Johnny Manziel over-coverage.

This past week we had an exclusive with Baseball Tonight anchor Adnan Virk (@AdnanESPN) Virk was gracious enough to sit down with me when I returned to The Mothership, and we covered a whole host of topics, including the infamous ESPN east coast bias.

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From colorful to corporate: the Rob Gronkowski story


Remember when Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowksi first entered the league and he used to do things like Tweet a shirtless photo of himself stroking an oversized phallic symbol at Kate Upton?

And posted more shirtless photos of himself with a porn star wearing his jersey?

Yeah, Rob Gronkowski doesn’t do things like that anymore. He hasn’t done things like that for years. It’s what happens when the NFL “No Fun League” gets their handlers to reshape you.

Today, the Rob Gronkowski session at Super Bowl Media Day was the most boring thing imaginable.

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Brady, Belichick “Legacy” = this Super Bowl’s worst cliche

bill belichick

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will team up to fill the void left by Peyton Manning last season. While last year we heard “Peyton Manning legacy,” “What will Peyton Manning’s legacy be?”

“How will this game affect Peyton Manning’s legacy?” ad nauseam at this a time year ago…take it away NBC’s Cris Collinsworth.

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Super Bowl could be Darrelle Revis’ last game with Patriots


Super Bowl XLIX could be the last time that Darrelle Revis suits up for the New England Patriots. Indeed it’s for real- Revis Island could be relocating away from Cape Cold and Martha’s Vineyard. (and Nantucket, can’t leave them out).

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Five REALLY POINTLESS Super Bowl 49 Story Pitches


We still have a week until Super Bowl 49, and already the idea of “our product relates to the Super Bowl because of reason XYZ” (no, it doesn’t, sorry) has been beaten to death. TO DEATH!

The “harrowing bye week that no one enjoys” is now over. And indeed my inbox has made it feel like “the road to the Super Bowl is long and pointless.”

If you had trash like this e-mailed to you in bulk everyday for two weeks straight you might begin to feel the same.

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Why the New England Patriots are HATED (non obvious reasons)


To say people hate the New England Patriots because they cheat and all they receive as punishment for cheating is a slap-on-the-wrist…is an obvious answer. It’s not wrong, but it’s Captain Obvious.

To say that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady didn’t know about “Ballghazi” (I actually abhor that word. It’s just that I abhor “deflategate” or any shopworn cliche with the suffix “-gate” even worse than the word “ballghazi.”) is to insult our intelligence.

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Julian Edelman, NBC, more HORRIBLE Super Bowl story pitches


super-bowl-xlix julian-edelman


Not everything relates to the Super Bowl.  The entire publicity industry needs to realize this right truth; and right now. Of course they won’t.

Shame on you Julian Edelman, for lending your name to a product that hired such a bad publicity team.

Shame on you NBC, for taking the idea of “shameless self-promotion” and turning it into “we take pride in self-promotion” and “we take pride in taking pride in self-promotion.”

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Troy Aikman says Tom Brady was complicit in “Ballghazi”

troy aikman

For the record, Troy Aikman did not use the phrase “ballghazi,” and I actually abhor that word. It’s just that I abhor “deflategate” or anything with the suffix “-gate” attached even worse than the word “ballghazi.”

FOX Analyst Troy Aikman doubts any changes could have been made to the intentionally deflated balls without the approval of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:

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