Why You Should Buy A Beach Cruiser This Year


Beach cruisers are great bikes if you want a durable, comfortable bike with wide balloon tires that will easily move on flat and smooth terrains without getting punctures. As the name says, you can ride it on the beach due to its wide tires.

So, if you want to take leisure rides, exercise or run errands, this is the bike to use.

Here is more on why you should buy a beach cruiser this year.

Great features

It may not be fast like a racing bike and it may not take you to rough terrains like the mountain bikes, but it is the best in the class of comfort bikes. It features a comfortable wide seat, wide handlebars that will allow you to recline and coaster brakes that you trigger using your foot.

You can also opt for the one with handbrakes.

The beach cruiser can be modified to include a front basket, a luggage rack at the back and fenders.

Better still the bikes can have single-speed or multi-speed. A single-speed beach cruiser is suitable for leisure riding on smooth areas that do not have hills. However, if you intend to go to uneven terrains, it is better that you go for the cruiser with multiple speeds such as 3 speed, 7 speed or 21 speed.

For Health Benefits

Many health benefits arise when riding beach cruisers. If you have posture problems, this is the bike to use. You ride the cruiser in an upright position given its high seat and curved handlebars that are at the same level, which helps your back to remain upright. You won’t be leaning downward or forward which can cause strain to your neck, arms, and joints.

The slow movement of the cruiser is good for those with back problems or has suffered injuries since there are no shakes or jerks on the ride.


This is a bike that is made with comfort in mind. It has padded wide seats supported using springs which makes them absorb more shock during riding.

The frame of the bike allows you to sit comfortably without hunching since you can sit upright.


The frame of a beach cruiser is very strong unlike for other bikes. It is curvy and thick with a great design that depicts luxury. Its parts are made using strong and durable materials such as aluminum, alloys, rubber, cast plastic, and steel.

You will, therefore, use the bike for a long time and its performance and looks will remain the same.


Unlike mountain bikes and racing bikes, you can find an affordable beach cruiser. Remember, the price will depend on the features. A cruiser with a single-speed will cost much less in comparison with a customized one that has gears.

Suitable for all

Contrary to some beliefs, the beach cruiser is suitable for all. Whether you are a pro, amateur, young, old, male or female, you will find one that is suitable for you. Of course, there are those suitable for men, for women and for kids including three-wheeled cruisers so you can all ride together.

They come at different sizes of 20, 24, 28, and 29 inches, which are based on the size of the wheel. Kids beach cruisers come in 10 and 20 inches.



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