WTF is up with this guy? Ohio’s Phil Davison (Video)



As this is a Midwestern site, I have to talk about one of Ohio’s newest internet celebrities. After all, like he said in his speech, “politics is not touch football, politics is winner-take-all, it always has been, and it always will be!” Meet Phil Davison, who lost his race for Stark County Treasurer in OHIO.

As you’ll see, he’s Mike Gundy, Kevin Borseth, the Ultimate Warrior and Glenn Beck (because he also comes close to tears during his tirade) all in one. And why shouldn’t he have meathead intensity? If you can’t get fired up for treasurer duties, then what on Earth could light your fire! (being sarcastic here)

I probably made a typo in quoting him above because every time I quote him it SHOULD BE IN ALL CAPS SINCE THAT’S HOW YOU CONVEY ONLINE THAT YOU ARE YELLING!!!

Davison makes Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald, famous for his “GO CATS!” intensity, look as mild-mannered and calm as Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz.

And the football coach analogies work well because Stark’s county seat is Canton, birthplace of professional football and home to the football hall of fame.

By Paul M. Banks

And Davison is screaming at his audience like a coach addressing his team at halftime. A team that happens to be down 73-0.

This is what I love about election cycles in the midterm years. It really brings out the fruitcake candidates who don’t have the big, expensive teams of personal handlers and public relations coaching professionals to make sure they don’t embarass themselves in exhibitions like these.

My favorite portions of Davison’s speech is when he misquotes his “favorite saying of the spoken word” and his “who said that? thank you.”

This is like the ’06 election season when you had the “macaca guy” making his racial slur and condescending remarks right into the camera, the “Harold, call me!” ad, Harold Ford’s “well I like football and I like girls” retort, the Missouri stem cell PSA with all the athletes in it, the “Clone Suppan” signs in the World Series that year, and the old guy in Montana’s attempt at serious debate with “I think he does have a plan, but he’s not going to tell you.”

It’s amateur night at it’s finest, and it’s also when Jon Stewart is at his best. He did a week long special from Columbus that overlapped with Halloween and told his audience, “Ohio State apparently has the largest naughty nursing school in the nation.”

Back to Davison, who said at the beginning of his six minute spazfest, “I will not apologize for my tone tonight.”

And he did not apologize afterward. According to the New York Daily News

“I spoke my mind,” he told PBS. “If I had to give it again, I would give it again.”

And he says his passion came from personal experience. His own struggle to find employment has inspired him to work for improvement in his community.

“I’m living what I spoke,” Davison told PBS. “People are frustrated out there. People want change… I want to get involved. That’s why I ran for treasurer.”

Though his job as councilman comes with a $260-a-week stipend, that’s all the income Davison is bringing in at the moment.

“I’m looking for something right now, to see what turns up. I’ve been turned down for minimum wage jobs,” Davison said. “I certainly can’t live on that, but that’s all I’m doing right now.”

After that quote, now I kind of feel bad for him. He’s only trying to find a creative way to get ahead in life, and his plight is yet another reminder of how truly awful the economy is, and how many people are struggling right now through no fault of their own. Does Davison have any ideas to help change America? I guess we won’t know because his means for expressing them are flawed, to say the least.

Here’s the vid

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