WTF is up with this guy? Ohio’s Phil Davison (Video)


As this is a Midwestern site, I have to talk about one of Ohio’s newest internet celebrities. After all, like he said in his speech, “politics is not touch football, politics is winner-take-all, it always has been, and it always will be!” Meet Phil Davison, who lost his race for Stark County Treasurer in OHIO.

As you’ll see, he’s Mike Gundy, Kevin Borseth, the Ultimate Warrior and Glenn Beck (because he also comes close to tears during his tirade) all in one. And why shouldn’t he have meathead intensity? If you can’t get fired up for treasurer duties, then what on Earth could light your fire! (being sarcastic here)

I probably made a typo in quoting him above because every time I quote him it SHOULD BE IN ALL CAPS SINCE THAT’S HOW YOU CONVEY ONLINE THAT YOU ARE YELLING!!!

Davison makes Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald, famous for his “GO CATS!” intensity, look as mild-mannered and calm as Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz.

And the football coach analogies work well because Stark’s county seat is Canton, birthplace of professional football and home to the football hall of fame.

By Paul M. Banks

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