Water polo betting is extremely simple at the FB88 bookmaker


Water Polo is an underwater version of handball. There are 7 players in the pool and the player’s goal is to throw a floating ball in the water at the opponent’s goal. Although water polo is not as popular as soccer or baseball, it is slowly gaining popularity and interest in many around the world, especially in the US, Italy, Croatia, Spain and Hungary.

In this article, you will learn and learn more about the water Polo betting experience, along with extremely necessary information. Please read the full article.

  1. Famous Water Polo tournaments:

Popular tournaments where most of the FB88 bookmaker have bet tickets for their players include:

  • Olympics: held every four years. Water polo was one of the first sports to be included in the first Olympic Games in the 1900s and water polo attracted a lot of bettors.
  • FINA World Cup Water polo: is an international water polo competition held every two years.
  • European Championship: European competition for national football teams in the EU alliance is held every two years.
  • World water polo tournament: is an international tournament for the best national water teams in the world. The tournament starts at the end of July every year.
  • Len Euroleague Water polo: is the European Water Ball Club Premier League held annually for both men’s and women’s teams.
  • Water polo domestic competitions are the Italian and Spanish leagues, Serie A and División de Honor
    2. Water polo bet types:

    • Outright – players will bet on which team will win the tournament. If that team wins then you win money, or vice versa.
  • Outright – players will bet on which team will win the tournament. If that team wins then you win money, or vice versa.
  • Winner bet – Predict which team will win the match. There is seldom a tie in water polo so betting on this winner will be 50-50.
  • Total Score (Over / Under) – predict whether the total goals of both teams will be greater or less than the value determined by the dealer. The dealer will offer these odds 1 – 3 days before the tournament for players to refer and place bets on.
  • Handicap – the team considered weaker by the odd dealer is given an advantage in the form of a goal, for example: 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5. Accordingly, the probability of winning the match of both teams is close to 50-50.
  • And there are other types of bets, like the first team to score, the last team to score, or the number of goals in the match to be odd or even.

3. Water polo pro betting tips:

  • Always remember a good goalkeeper is a key factor to bring victory to the team. You should bet on a team with a more skilled and experienced goalkeeper rather than younger goalkeepers.
  • In water polo, the goalkeeper is many times more important than any other player in the pool. The goalkeeper has a role when the goalkeeper anticipates and interrupts the opponent’s throws, the goalkeeper is seen as the last guard in the defense, and ultimately initiates quick counterattacks by the opponent. Hence water polo goalkeepers tend to be supportive.
  • Bettors should also always compare different odds from multiple bookmakers. This will ensure that they bet on the FB88 sports bookmaker offering the best odds.
  • Choose a few teams to play and find out. Spending time researching the team is key to making a good bet. You can look up anything you need on Google including match history, injury history, win rate and gameplay style. This will give you more benefits than other gamblers at FB88 bookmaker from FB688pro.com.


The growing popularity of Water Polo has made the betting market more diverse and bustling than ever. Because of this, you should start reading this article carefully again, then find the reputable betting sites and bet on the Water Polo team that you love. This will increase your betting experience and will definitely win more easily. Wish you always have a good time betting at FB88 Bookmaker.

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