The Sports Bank Traffic Rankings in Global Markets!!!


By Paul M. Banks

Demetri McCamey and company are all huge in Budapest, as you’ll soon see.

In the spirit of the Olympics and international collaboration, I thought I’d post some some friendly competitive statistics from around the world- courtesy of

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Now before you look at these stats and think they’re unimpressive at first glance, I must remind you- Alexa ranks up to 40,000,000 sites or thereabouts. So out of 40,000,000 or whatever, or what the entire worldwide web has to offer- yes the whole huge thing. Being in the top 1 million is not bad! Being in the top 500,000 is pretty solid, and being in the top 100,000 is rather elite.

Last year, we were ranked very high in Costa Rica, probably due to our soccer coverage. We even had an exclusive with the Chicago Fire’s Costa Rican star, and dedicated a post to the nation and all their contributions. Don’t know what happened there, but we will get it back. Here are other countries where we’re bigtime:

Hungary Flag Hungary


Not sure what the connection is here, anyone? ideas? Bueller? You’ve heard the old expression “it won’t play in Peoria” but one thing’s for sure “The Sports Bank plays in Budapest”. Stephen Colbert may have had a bridge named after him in this nation, but I’ll put the numbers of up against ours any day!…in this European nation. I hope Hungarians are medaling up in Vancouver, because if so, we will give them the exposure that’s long overdue.

United States Flag United States


Like Borat would say “U.S. and A”!!!! Of course, our host nation, and the largest market for our services would be in our top three. The NFL Mock Draft, and all the content that relates to it are consistently our highest traffic feature, week in and week out, so it makes sense that one of the biggest events in our national game, and the need to analyze it, brings in domestic readers.

Canada Flag Canada


Most of our hockey coverage does very poorly traffic wise (hence there’s been less hockey content lately) so these numbers aren’t coming from that source. Although I did cover all three rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year, and my coverage of the Blackhawks scandalous limo pictures taken in Vancouver, as well as Patrick Kane’s legal issues no doubt spawned page views in the great white north. I’m sure the games going on right now helps out quite a bit too. Our Olympic coverage has been hotter than Avril Lavigne in fishnets.

France Flag France


Not sure what we’re doing that has so much French appeal- we run very few features about Tony Parker or Andre the Giant. Of course, many people in this very enlightened, forward-thinking, socially progressive nation share my hatred of Lance Armstrong, so I need to write about that more I guess. And in France, the word “elitist” isn’t a pejorative, and I carry that card proudly! Call me an elitist- I take it as a compliment. And have you ever been to Provence in late May? And had a nice glass of Bordeaux, to complement your crepes in a bistro overlooking the sea? Doesn’t get much better than that!


  1. Charley Davis says

    Methinks Alexa is unreliable. How can you only be generating 94,000 hits in a country of 300 million sports crazed fans.

  2. I don’t know too much about Alexa I’ll admit- but that’s not hit count numbers, those are ranking number in the market. 94,000 ranked site in USA, not 94,000 hits- if those were my numbers, believe me I would not be broadcasting them

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