The Michael Phelps in Chicago Press Conference



Here was something that ended up being much less exciting than it appeared to be.

Olympic gold medal record setter and swimmer extraordinaire Michael Phelps was in Chicago during the height of his popularity and I had a front row seat at his press conference. You can listen to the audio below

Michael Phelps does a press conference and live chat for the 2016 Channel at the Hilton Towers on Michigan Avenue




  1. Does anyone have more juice than Michael Phelps right now?

  2. yes. banks does.

  3. Good to hear he supports Chicago’s bid for the Olympics!
    Maybe he will change his mind about participating in 2016.

  4. Soxman probably has more juice than I do :)

  5. Peter Christian says

    I hear Dara Torres has committed to the 2016 Olympics if Chicago gets them

  6. well, depends on the kind of juice one prefers i imagine.


    (nothing against soxman of course)

  7. I hope Abhinov Bindra committs to the 2016 Olympics

  8. And Soxman seems to draw more comments than Michael Phelps

  9. Bindra ought to, that’s definte. I’m guessing he will. Phelps seems to have made his decision to not compete beyond 30… (and yet, most of life happens beyond 30?) Understandable though.

    And… comments represent what we in media know as the “vocal minority”. Plenty visit and hit and stay silent… choosing instead to absorb it.

    Soxman deserves every single hit he gets (he’s just so endearing)…but I’d still put my vote with banks… for providing the forum to begin with….

  10. Matt Saracen QB#1 says

    I vote for Banks too.

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