The Bill Simmons “Grantland” Project Launches Today


Bill Simmons, or the Elvis Presley of sports writers as I call him, launched his much-hyped writing project, Grantland today. I’m pretty excited about it, as the face of the ESPN Page 2 project now has a platform where he will not be constrained by the evil empire and/or the rules and regulations of the Disney regime.

Here’s a link (in true Simmons fashion, its like 90,000 words long) on the origins of Grantland. You might recognize the name- Grantland Rice, an homage to one of the greatest sports writers in history, the man who originated the term “the Four Horsemen” for the legendary Notre Dame backfield. He also gave Red Grange, the Fighting Illini superstar deemed the best player in college football history, his “Galloping Ghost” nickname.

Rice also gave us this gem:

A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.

I’m assuming that with the talent Simmons has assembled, with  Consulting Editors Dave Eggers, Malcolm Gladwell, John A. Walsh and one of my favorite writers Chuck Klosterman will continue the fantastic writing, and redefining of sports media that Rice stood for.
It’s already ranked approximately 647,000 in web traffic on Alexa despite being up for only one day! It should do alright.

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