NBA Power Rankings: #29 Milwaukee Bucks



by: David Kay

We are only a month and a half away from the start of the NBA season.  So why not start our 2009-2010 team previews?  Every weekday for the next six weeks, I will be revealing my pre-season Power Rankings in reverse order from #30 to my prediction for winning the NBA title.

Coming in at #29 and representing the bottom of the Eastern Conference are the Milwaukee Bucks who usher in eight new players this season while losing key contributors Richard Jefferson, Charlie Villanueva, and Ramon Sessions.  Once again, the health of their star players will be a major factor in 2009-2010, as will the development of the younger talent.

Click here for the complete Bucks Preview (Insiders need not apply like

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  1. My sleeper pick for the Eastern Conference Finals. Cassell/Allen/Robinson have nothing on Jennings/Redd/Mbah a Moute!! Actually I live down the street from the Bradley Center and will probably go to a bunch of games for cheap. For some reason, I have a hard on for following bad teams, and when they’re in your home state, it makes it that much easier.

  2. HA HA…I have to admit they know when to get prices, and offer 2 for 1 ticket deals and such when their team is awful. I wish I could say the same about the Bulls, they’ve had some bad years recently, and although the UC was close to empty, they stuck with their astronomical fees

  3. One things for sure- Luke Ridnour is NOT the answer at poitn guard. Maybe they should trade Redd for a bunch of big, young pieces and start over fresh

  4. Yeah all that praying doesn’t help the former Duck on the court, that’s for sure. Actually when the elite 8 was in Madison, the only team to stop and sign mass autographs out of Kansas, Illinois, and Texas was Oregon. I got both Lukes and Fred Jones! How many people can say that? haha

    The only other guys that signed anything were Frank Williams, TJ Ford, and Drew Gooden.

  5. Wow, put that Frank Williams autograph up on Ebay!!!! You could buy a small island with the money that will command. ha ha. When he was a Bull, he gave Khalid Al-Amin a run for his money as fattest guy to wear the uniform.

    If I were Jesus, I’d root against Ridnour. Kurt Warner and Tim Tebow too

  6. haha…Khalid Al-Amin. That’s a name I haven’t heard since Miles Simon, Dane Fife or Tom Coverdale. I actually sold the autograph back to him for some weed. So I guess I’m an accessory to the crime…

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