Wanna Hang with Bucks Brandon Jennings at Milwaukee Summerfest?

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This is everything that’s right about NBA basketball in smaller markets.

Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings is looking for a Bucks fan to come with him to Summerfest on June 30. That lucky fan could be YOU and all you have to do is enter the Bucks Summer Experience Sweepstakes on Bucks.com/summer.

Can you imagine the Bulls doing this with Derrick Rose and the Taste of Chicago? They’d have to hire four bodyguards to accompany Rose for the Taste of Chicago outing. Come to think of it, anyone who goes to the Chi’s overrated, OVER-CROWDED disgusting summer festival needs a whole team of bodyguards.

However, Milwaukee’s festival has better music and a better atmosphere

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Can Bucks Build Championship Contender Around Brandon Jennings?

Brandon Jennings

When you consider Brandon Jennings level of play, maturity, and leadership skills at his stage in his career, it’s hard to consider him a player to build a serious contender around. However, he’s  only 21 years old and things could change over the next few years for the point guard.

The Milwaukee Bucks may or may not have known this when they drafted him with the 10th pick back in 2009 NBA draft. He had a relatively good rookie season and was the only member of the Bucks to rack up over 1,200 points. However, he was also the only player to attempt over 1,000 shots from the field. Jennings has no problem getting shots off, but his scoring percentage needs to be improved as it was 37.9 per cent over his first two seasons with his three-point percentage at 35.2.

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Brandon Jennings Headed to India for NBA Promotional Tour

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks will travel to India May 13-18 to conduct a series of events to grow the game of basketball in Mumbai and Pune.

Jennings became the youngest player to score 55 points in a game on November 14, 2009 and is the 16th NBA ambassador to travel to India in the last three years as part of the league’s continued commitment to spread the game.

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Bucks Draft Report: Could the Sampson connection bring Jordan Crawford to Milwaukee?

Jordan Crawford and Kelvin Sampson

While a local star and potential lottery pick highlighted the Milwaukee Bucks‘ first pre-draft workout, the second featured a familiar face to Bucks assistant coach Kelvin Sampson and the Nike gestapo.

Xavier shooting guard Jordan Crawford is determined to create an impressive legacy on the court to overshadow the infamy that came with dunking over Lebron James, and took one step closer to doing so working out in the first of three prospect auditions in Milwaukee this week.

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Bucks Jennings, Bulls Gibson make NBA All-Rookie Team

brandon jennings bucks

Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings, Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors were unanimous selections to the 2009-10 T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie First Team, the NBA announced today.

Rounding out the T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie First Team are New Orleans’ Darren Collison (46 points) and Chicago Bulls’ Taj Gibson (41 points).

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Stackhouse debuts, Bucks celebrate homecoming with win over Raptors

By Jake McCormick


After (what seems like) seven years on the West Coast, the Milwaukee Bucks return to the cozy, frigid, moderately temperate climate of Wisconsin to take on the Toronto Raptors. Traditionally a team that prefers a late entrance to the party, the Bucks rallied from a 56-49 halftime deficit to win 113-107. [Read more…]

Kobe Bryant does work against the Milwaukee Bucks


By Jake McCormick

Editor’s note: For the rest of the season, I’ll be breaking down Milwaukee Bucks games as if they are a national security measure – literally. I’ll be using the Department of Homeland Security’s terrorist color coding system to grade the team, with Green being the highest high and Red being the lowest low. I’m already putting the system to a better use than its current purpose.

George W. Bush once said, “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — [pauses] – shame on you. Fool me — You can’t get fooled again.” [Read more…]

Derrick Rose vs. Brandon Jennings: Rivalry in the Making?


By Paul M. Banks

Today’s NBA is treating us to the “Golden Age of Point Guards,” and last June brought us the “Point Guard Draft.” A special head-to-head rivalry at this position may be blossoming in the Central Division. Last year’s Rookie of the Year, the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose, went head-to-head last night with the Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings, the very early favorite to be this year’s top rookie. In an 83-81 loss, Jennings led everybody with 25 pts. Rose overcame a very difficult start to have a strong 4th quarter and finish with 16 points, 5 assists.

“I don’t know if he’s 100% right now because of his ankle, but he looked good to me tonight, especially in the second half when he led his team down and got a victory,” Jennings replied when I asked him about matching-up with Rose.brandonjennings

It wasn’t exactly the prettiest game. In fact much of it was so ugly it looked like a NBA version of last year’s 38-33 contest between Penn State and Illinois. But you can’t say anything bad about the Rose-Jennings match-up, which could be a great one-on-one for years to come. “I guess that’s stuff that you guys write about, you know. The next time it’s Mo Williams, and then after that it’s Baron Davis. Every starting point guard in this league is big time,” Joakim Noah said about it. After describing the game as “ugly as hell, both sides.”

Rose may not be in full bloom yet, but Jennings was impressed by the way he took charge for Chicago. “He’s more mature at a young age. For him to go out there and run this team, that’s big. For a guy that young, you’re usually in your fourth, fifth year to be able to do the stuff that he does, but he’s gifted,” he said.

And it’s acquiring/maintaining leadership which will be most important for Rose, and could make-or-break the season. “I’m way more comfortable this year, trying to be a leader for this team, just learning sets, everything feels more comfortable,” Rose said. That prompted me to ask him what the term “being a floor general” means to him?

“You’re the other coach, the voice on the floor, you’re the one making sure everyone is accountable for what they do on the court, so that no one will be slacking on offense or defense, making sure everything is going right and making sure you win the game,” he responded.

If all comes to fruition in Chicago, Rose will become the leader the Bulls need for many years to come. What about in Milwaukee? Michael Redd is injured yet again, and when healthy, it’s getting obvious that his best years are behind him. Jennings has only played 3 NBA games, but maybe he’ll fill that void one day.

“He is still learning how to play hard for long stretches. Yes, he’s in good shape but it’s learning to play in the NBA now. It’s very physical with the hits and picks out there. It was a good, positive game for him,” Bucks Head Coach Scott Skiles said about him.

NBA Power Rankings: #29 Milwaukee Bucks


by: David Kay

We are only a month and a half away from the start of the NBA season.  So why not start our 2009-2010 team previews?  Every weekday for the next six weeks, I will be revealing my pre-season Power Rankings in reverse order from #30 to my prediction for winning the NBA title.

Coming in at #29 and representing the bottom of the Eastern Conference are the Milwaukee Bucks who usher in eight new players this season while losing key contributors Richard Jefferson, Charlie Villanueva, and Ramon Sessions.  Once again, the health of their star players will be a major factor in 2009-2010, as will the development of the younger talent.

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