Minnesota Vikings Defeat: Blame It On the Rain…Yeah Yeah


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Brett Favre was too little, too late to provide a victory for the Minnesota Vikings. It seemed as if they just ran out of time rather than losing the game. The torrential downpour at the new Meadowlands Stadium hurt the men in purple much more than their counterparts.

By Patrick Herbert

This is due to the fact that Rex Ryan has a game plan that allows quarterback Mark Sanchez little freedom for the Jets. Ryan expects him to not commit costly turnovers that could lose the game for the squad. Brad Childress entrusts Favre to attempt big plays with the addition of Randy Moss.

The musical genius of Milli Vanilli provided the inspiration for the headline to this blog. Their stupidity in being the front men for that group is matched by ownership in the NFL. The Giants and Jets are partners in the new complex and that is part of the reason Giants Stadium is not the name of the new facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

It is hard to fathom that the organizations pay the contracts that they do while allowing the elements to play such a key outcome in a game. By paying Eli Manning over one hundred million dollars and the Jets renegotiating with Darrelle Revis, the organizations have proven they are serious about winning. With this in mind, it is astounding to believe that the stadium does not have a retractable roof component.

Jerry Jones did it the right way in Arlington and they don’t have near the climate issues that the tri-state area does. There were inches of hail in the borough of Brooklyn near the scheduled kickoff time of 8:30 eastern on Monday night.

Owners are often meddling micromanagers who don’t let the people do their jobs effectively without scrutiny underneath a microscope. It is a grave oversight to allow play to take place in a sloppy environment where the best players have a tough time deciding the outcome of the game.

These conditions can also prove to be unsafe, even causing injury in some cases.

The Jets have added LaDanian Tominson in the offseason, but he is not the type of runner that will be getting the ball twenty-five times a game at this point in his career. The Giants brass want to see big plays develop with Manning and Hakeem Nicks. They should put a roof on the Meadowlands to ensure this occurs on a regular basis. It should be Jets owner Woody Johnson’s first priority.

Had he gotten hurt, what would the Vikings do without Favre for the rest of the season?

It is true that they have gotten off to a slow start, but their schedule does get easier in a couple of weeks. They have as many wins at this point as their upcoming opponent-the Dallas Cowboys.

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