Jenn Sterger Releases Statement, not Pursuing Sexual Harrasment Case


As NFL writer Peter King reported earlier this week, Jenn Sterger will not likely pursue sexual harassment charges regarding the Brett Favre sexting scandal. Of course, proving that harassment at work could be difficult, as most sexual harassment cases involve situations that revolve around the chain of command in the workplace, and abuses of power. The New York Jets will try to circumvent that claim by saying Sterger is an independent contractor, not a full-time employee. And also that Favre’s position with the company had no direct power over Sterger’s position with the organization.

Of course, harassment can also include repeated unwanted sexual advances, an uncomfortable work environment, inappropriate workplace behavior etc. And there’s plenty of evidence there. But it appears Sterger will not go that route. She’s been extremely silent and stayed of the limelight this week. She even cancelled her public appearance yesterday at the local Chicago bar and grille “The Bull and Bear.” 

And she has declined comment on Deadspin, the Minnesota Vikings QB, sexting etc. until yesterday.

By Paul M. Banks

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Minnesota Vikings Defeat: Blame It On the Rain…Yeah Yeah

adrian peterson

Brett Favre was too little, too late to provide a victory for the Minnesota Vikings. It seemed as if they just ran out of time rather than losing the game. The torrential downpour at the new Meadowlands Stadium hurt the men in purple much more than their counterparts.

By Patrick Herbert

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Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Incident Puts ESPN, Roger Goodell on the Spot


As we found out yesterday, the Jenn Sterger allegations against Brett Favre are indeed true. Deadspin delivered the goods, and the only way Favre could be innocent, is if some elaborate and carefully orchestrated conspiracy/cover-up were at work. You know those people who don’t believe in the moon landing? Or think O.J. was framed? Or believe 9/11 was an inside job? The conspiracy would have to be that complex.

So now that the bomb has been dropped and the mushroom cloud is smoking, time to deal with the fallout.

Let’s overlook the fact that Sterger looks EXACTLY like Deanna Favre on a 15 year delay with fake breasts (and later, sans fake breasts) for a moment. Yes, this story is very sophomoric, but both ESPN and the NFL are accountable here. Because it’s also serious.

Roger Goodell has been attempting to legislate morality in his league for some time, and ESPN has become a sports marketing company; and less a sports news corporation these past few years. It’s time for both to go to work.

By Paul M. Banks


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Deadspin Publishes Jenn Sterger’s X-Rated Pics of Brett Favre

jenn sterger

You remember this story from the summer? When Deadspin claimed to have the goods on former Green Bay Packer, New York Jets, and current Minnesota Vikings starting QB Brett Favre. More specifically, claiming that media wh*** Jenn Sterger had pics of Favre’s genitalia. It caused quite a stir; it even inspired a hilarious music video.

Still, I was shocked that this story went pretty much ignored by a majority of the mainstream media. Shouldn’t this have been a much bigger NFL story? Well, it’s about to become one. Especially now that Deadspin claims a Jets PR person may have acted as a liaison between Favre and Sterger.

Wow! it’s been a real negative publicity storm for the New York Jets lately.

Ines Sainz, Braylon Edwards, and the inability of both Rex Ryan and Darrelle Revis to keep their mouths shut. It’s the perfect storm alright.

Anyways, if Deadspin delivers on what they say they have, D-day is here.

By Paul M. Banks

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Deadspin Claims Favre left Jenn Sterger sexually creepy photos/messages


On a day that everyone is talking about Brett Favre, his indecision, and his alleged retirement/fake retirement publicity stunt (or whatever you want to call that media mush)…this happens! And by this, I mean allegations that could conceivably take the biggest Favre story of the day, crush it, and grind it up into dust due to it’s enormity. If true, and enough smoke is visible now to make us believe there’s a legitimate fire burning here- this will overshadow everything Favre related.

Deadspin’s A.J. Daulerio claims that The Daily Line’s Jenn Sterger, the infamous Florida St. Cowgirl who rode a screen capture of her large artificial chest into 15 minutes of internet fame, and then generated a media career from those 15 minutes, claims former Packers legend and Minnesota Vikings QB BRETT FAVRE SENT PICTURES OF HIS YOU KNOW WHAT to Sterger’s cell phone; and also left the sideline princess creepy, borderline stalkerish sounding voicemails. This allegedly occurred when both were members of the New York Jets organization.

If Sterger releases the evidence, as Daulerio is aggressively cajoling her to do, let’s see how the NFL spin can this damaging information about their silver-haired fox.

By Paul M. Banks

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