VOTE NOW! The Sports Bank Anti-Bracket Ty Cobb Regional Finals

The Ty Cobb Regional featured some stiff competition among losers. Brett Favre, Kurt Rambis, Harvey Updyke, Charlie Sheen and David Kahn highlighted the regional’s biggest failures. Much like the NCAA Tournament, the first two rounds featured some epic upsets and some orgasmic finales that would have made Gus Johnson keel over into a giant puddle of awesome-sauce.

By Peter Christian

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Minnesota Vikings Defeat: Blame It On the Rain…Yeah Yeah

adrian peterson

Brett Favre was too little, too late to provide a victory for the Minnesota Vikings. It seemed as if they just ran out of time rather than losing the game. The torrential downpour at the new Meadowlands Stadium hurt the men in purple much more than their counterparts.

By Patrick Herbert

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Deadspin Publishes Jenn Sterger’s X-Rated Pics of Brett Favre

jenn sterger

You remember this story from the summer? When Deadspin claimed to have the goods on former Green Bay Packer, New York Jets, and current Minnesota Vikings starting QB Brett Favre. More specifically, claiming that media wh*** Jenn Sterger had pics of Favre’s genitalia. It caused quite a stir; it even inspired a hilarious music video.

Still, I was shocked that this story went pretty much ignored by a majority of the mainstream media. Shouldn’t this have been a much bigger NFL story? Well, it’s about to become one. Especially now that Deadspin claims a Jets PR person may have acted as a liaison between Favre and Sterger.

Wow! it’s been a real negative publicity storm for the New York Jets lately.

Ines Sainz, Braylon Edwards, and the inability of both Rex Ryan and Darrelle Revis to keep their mouths shut. It’s the perfect storm alright.

Anyways, if Deadspin delivers on what they say they have, D-day is here.

By Paul M. Banks

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