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Debuting Sunday, October 14 at 7:30 PM, Comcast SportsNet’s David Kaplan hosts an exclusive one-on-one interview with the former Mayor of the city of Chicago RICHARD M. DALEY.  Daley discusses everything from his belief that Chicago should be awarded a second NFL franchise, losing the 2016 Olympic bid for Chicago, his unending love for the White Sox, to life after running the city for 22 years and much more.

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Note the following quotes from Inside Look with Mayor Daley presented by Cadillac premiering Sunday, October 14 on Comcast SportsNet:

DALEY on his belief that the NFL should award Chicago with a second franchise:

“Why is it New York has two (NFL teams), Florida has three, San Francisco has two? When you think of that, Chicago loves sports too.  We get a second team in here, you could build a new stadium, you could have a huge international soccer teams coming in, you could do the Final Four, you could do anything you want with a brand new stadium.  It’d be privately funded, government can help a little bit, but I’ve always believed we could take a second team and, every Sunday, we would have a team playing in the National Football League.”


DALEY on losing the 2016 Olympic bid for Chicago:

“We got great coverage worldwide about Chicago, so I was back there and met a lot of the delegates…I was nice to ‘em (laughs), and I have a lot of good memories about it, but like anything else, it became a political issue and that’s what it is.”

DALEY on keeping a low profile at White Sox games and other sporting events:

“I’ve never been recognized at sporting events because I want to be there as a fan.  Fans want to see the players; they don’t want to hear about any of us.”

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