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By the Soxman

Here are my tips, tricks, and advice for Week II.

Well, my fantasy football season appears to be picking up right where my fantasy baseball season left off, with a loss, as the Gridiron Grinders fell in Week I to a team led by Donovan McNabb (started over Carson Palmer!) and Ryan Grant 83 to 77.

My other two fantasy leagues picked up DOMINATING victories, but of course have no cash pay-out whatsoever. I must say, I find my 14-team league with Individual Defensive Players (IDP) extremely challenging and fun.  Bengal’s rookie linebacker Keith Rivers (my pick for defensive Rookie of the Year), had 9 solo tackles in week I, pacing my defensive core.

It’s not that my opposing team was better than the Grinders, it’s simply a matter of my key players doing little or nothing in the scoring column.
Marques Colston had 3 receptions for 26 yards.  Are you kidding me?
Clinton Portis, 83 yards rushing, no TD
Joseph Addai, 44 yards rushing, no TD
Laurence Maroney, 55 yards rushing, no TD
As I stated last week, my biggest mistake was drafting Maroney over Michael Turner (220 rushing yards, 2 TDs), who had an LT-like performance in Week I.
My one bright spot (who is also still available in many shallow leagues) is the Titans’ Chris Johnson, who will likely get the starting nod for me this week over Maroney.  Johnson had 93 yards rushing and 34 yards receiving with a touchdown.


Now onto Fantasy Advice, News and Notes:

What should Tom Brady Owners Do? 

First, like Paul M. Banks, hurl your guts out.  He actually did this at my Bears party in the Sox Cave. I kid you not. But hey he’s just that passionate about his team.
Immediately grab Brady’s back-up, Matt Cassel.  The Patriots still have an exceptional receiving core, including RBs that can catch the pass.  Also, watch the wire closely as the Patriots will not hesitate to bring in a QB if Cassel does not pan out.
Depending on the deepness of your league, Matt Ryan had a nice debut with the Falcons and could be a sleeper QB. 
Kerry Collins will take over as the Titans QB for at least the next two weeks and perhaps the season if he performs well enough.

Vince Young
In addition to the sprained MCL, Young is now dealing with depression and could quit football all together. Kerry Collins is now the Titans QB1 with Chris Simms as his back-up
Willie Parker
Willie Parker went low in many drafts and could end up being a steal.  Parker ran for 138 yards on 25 attempts and scored 3 TDs!  Rashard Mendenhall owners take note:  All of Parker’s touchdowns were in the red zone.
Must Grabs
It may be too late for deeper leagues, but if you still have time, grab these players now!
Chris Johnson, RB, Titans
Could put up Reggie Bush numbers if he stays healthy.
Eddie Royal, WR, Broncos
Jay Cutler loves him, and his 146-yard, 1 TD performance are proof positive.
Matt Forte, RB, Bears
Forte was drafted in most leagues, but 123 yards and a TD from a Bears running back had to be mentioned somewhere.
DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles
The Eagles most dynamic player during the preseason caught 6 passes for 106 yards in Week I AND McNabb looks healthy…for now.
Keep an Eye on
Dante Rosario, TE, Panthers
Who?  The TE who did not even appear on most draft boards, was a favorite target of QB Jake Delhomme, catching 7 passes for 96 yards and a TD on Sunday.
Courtney Taylor, WR, Seattle
Branch and Engram are out until at least week 5, and Nate Burleson is now out for the season. Taylor becomes WR1 in Seattle.
Rookie Owners Advice Corner Week I
The cardinal mistake that most rookie owners make after week one: panic that your team is worse than it actually is.  Tom Brady Owners get a bit of a pass here.

But seriously, have faith in your picks and remember, in most cases, week one is not the sole indicator of the type of season your players are going to have.  Last year Drew Brees looked like a fantasy bust after week 3.  Owners that stuck with him were rewarded with the second best QB in fantasy football after Tom terrific.  Owners that panicked and traded him or moved him out for below-market value likely lost their leagues.
The temptation is to do something rash to address your weakness and get the player you know you should have drafted.  I myself admit to devising ways to get Michael Turner on my squad (after cursing Banks for requiring me to draft a Patriot instead).
One writer sent me an e-mail saying he HAD to have RB Chris Johnson and was offering Eddie Royal and Steve Smith for him leaving him with Burleson and Ocho Cinco as his only WRs.  Burleson was announced to be done for the year later that day.
Be patient, trust your draft, and have fun.
Well, that’s it for this week.  Good Luck and play hard!


  1. Bleeding Cheese says

    Soxman. THX for the Eddie Royal tip. I just looked him up and grabbed him.

    Brett Favre!!! Go Jets! Go Packers. Aaron looked pretty good as well.

  2. I can’t believe you lost with the team you had! Your guys really took a dump.

    Brees rewarded your love of him at least.

    Moroney will be a bust. He will not get any goal-line carries.

    Banks screwed you on that one.

  3. My season is over after Week I.

    Colston out 4-6 weeks
    My back-up QB was Vince Young.

    Well there is always next year.

  4. Chris Johnson was available! I just snatched him up and dropped Rudi Johnson. Thanks Soxman!

  5. How long do you think I should stick with Seattle’s DEF? They were horrible in Week I. Any alternatives?

  6. Soxman great advice. I had no one at TE. Do you think Rosario will stick?

  7. Football Junkie says

    First time vistor. Pretty good advice. Who will be the better WR? Jackson or Royal? Thanks Soxman

  8. Maroney still has all the tools to be a gifted runner.

    Just you watch his numbers will be better than the first RB, Reggis Bush, taken in that draft

  9. Banks: You think that Maroney is better than Bush? The only Bush he’s better than is George and perhaps Jeb.

    Reggie is the man.

    Your team will be better Soxman. I’d start Chris Johnson over Moroney until we see where the 4 headed back situation plays out in New England.

  10. Soxman great article.

    I picked up Kieth Rivers this week in my IDP league. Thanks for the advice.

  11. Good advice. I think Royal will be the rookie WR of the year.

    Sorry Mr. Banks. Reggie Bush will be the better stat back than Maroney.

    I think Turner will take him as well, but we will see.

    You are still a good writer, just blinded by Darth sweatshirt and the dark side of the force.

  12. I am 3-0 in my leagues…

    Man I have skills…

    Turner helped me whoop some butt, Brett did good and did Andre Johnson.

    Good job Soxman, Love the Taylor sleeper from Seattle. Picked him up this morning..

    Diddy Out..

  13. Ghost in the Machine says

    When is Soxman’s Fantasy Hockey Preview? I can’t wait!!!

  14. Robble Robble

    Didn’t listen to Soxman
    Got the W
    See the pattern?

    Robble Robble

  15. good thing I traded Brady to Peter Christian a couple days before the injury… what can I say, I guess I’m a genius… even tho Colston was one of the big pieces I got back…

    two words fantasy peeps: Jerricho Cotchery

  16. Thanks PT,

    And Billy Blast, you guys may be right that Bush ends up with better numbers than Maroney, but I still say Laurence’s all around POTENTIAL as an every down back getting 25-30 carries a game is better than Reggie Bush. It’s really more of a hypothetical situation. Maroney’s much higher yards per carry average, total career rushing yards, physical gifts and tools as a runner make him a better OVERALL back than Reggie Bush.

    This would be obvious if both were to forced to compete for a job in a one-back system. Of course, in reality the NFL relies on more specialists than ever today, at every position. And neither player has to be an every down back. Bush has never averaged more than 51 yards per game rushing and 3.7 yards per carry. There are many scouts who have called him a bust already. (I’d like to call his girlfriend Kim Kardashain and tell her what an impressive bust she has- Hey Hey! Thanks I’ll be here all week) And perhaps the scouts are harsh on him because of all the hype surrounding him coming out of college. Unlike Maroney who was never projected to be a #1 pick

  17. Of course, I can’t finish the argument wihtout addressing Bush’s vastly superior ability as a pass-catching back. In fantasy football, receiving yards count along with rushing yards, so Bush’s overall numbers from a fantasy standpoint may end up much better than Maroney’s. I would neever even consider trying to argue against you guys on that.

    I was just saying that Maroney is a better RUNNER overall and rushing yards stat guy than Bush, not a better fantasy player. I apologize for splitting heirs.

    And as you guys pointed out, the fact that he must compete with Lamont Jordan, Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris for carries, could very well be his undoing from a statistical standpoint. Only time will tell. Right now, the RB situation reminds me of the Pats 2006 WR situation, when Deion Branch left and left the core with no true #1. Brady spread the ball around, eventually Jabar Gaffney became a solid contributor and Reche Caldwell emerged as a their go-to guy. If you’re going to pick one NE back to be the lead, bet on Maroney because Jordan seems to have his best football way behind him. Faulk will never be more than a 3rd down or change of pace back and Sammy Morris is still injury prone.

  18. I would have gone 1st round, but people took me in the later rounds because of my drinking. Also because I am always at the strip clubs. My life is pretty sweet tho…

  19. I know things seem bleak right now for the White Sox. Injuries -MVP front-runner Carlos Quentin, All-Star Joe Crede and #4 starter Jose Contreras are all lost for the year- and losing three of the last four at home have whittled the division lead down to one skinny game and a half. However, there is still plenty of reason for optimism. I’m going to complement Soxman’s emotional plea by expanding on some logistical points that he brought up.

  20. Thanks to all for reading my fantasy football site.

    First to hamburglar: Robble your way to Chris Johnson. He’s a stud. Had I listened to my own advice, I would have won.

    To Paul: Your last paragraph is why Moroney could be a fantasy bust. Sammy Morris got the goal line carries, which is fantasy gold, and there are rumors among the pats hat Bill B has soured on Moroney for the moment.

    Kieth Rivers looks like the real deal and should get plenty of tackles backing a weak line.

    Football money is on Royal at this point. Jackson will split more catches with other WRs.

    Happy Man… I’ve got Seattle as well. If they don’t do well agianst San Fran this week, I may move on. Remember though they have for starters on various supsensions.

    Rosario looks tight, pardon the pun. His name is starting to pop up on other fantasy sights so he may not be a secret if he’s money again this week.

  21. Matt Saracen #QB1 says

    Kerry Collins QB #1? Oh please! We all know who the real QB1 is! right here baby!

    that former drunk and racist has nothing on me.

  22. prowriter0923 says

    Soxman…your awesome! Where have you been!? Great article…now I’m not completely clueless when I try to assemble a fantasy football team!

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