Big 10 Power Rankings


By Paul M. Banks

1. Michigan St. 19-4, 9-2 –Izzo’s squads usually get better as the season goes along, and can be very dangerous in March. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

2. Illinois 19-5, 7-4 -Given what an awful road team they are, hard to place them here, but no one else has protected their home court like the I-L-L. And they just clobber people at the House of ‘Paign

3. Purdue 17-6, 6-4 –JaJuan Johnson can’t do it all himself, they need Robbie Hummel back BAD!

4. Ohio St. 16-5, 6-4 –They’re ranked again and playing like they want to stay that way. Evan Turner great example of how this is a sophomore dominated conference

5. Minnesota 18-5, 6-5 -Probably still a year or two away from doing any real damage in March

6. Penn St. 17-7, 6-5 –Notice how Nittany Lions starts with N-I-T

7. Michigan 15-9, 5-6 –Looked good for awhile against UConn, but not good enough to end decade plus tourney drought

8. Northwestern 13-8, 4-6 –Took HUGE step backward Sat night in loss at Iowa, If the interrogators in Guantanamo need a new torture method, they could make detainees watch that game. Wlesh-Ryan still a dangerous place to play
9. Wisconsin 14-9, 5-6 –Don’t count Bo Ryan out yet, he can do the Soul Ja Boy dance.

10. Iowa 13-11, 2-8 –Yawn…..WHO CARES!?

11.Indiana 6-16, 1-9 –Could get whopped by most Mid-Major teams

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  1. Go Illini! If they finish second this yr, I think most of Illination would be happy with that.

  2. Cano's Cards says

    Wisconsin definitely deserves to be higher than 9…

  3. Peter Christian says

    Why does Wisconsin deserve anything at this point? They keep games close but always seem to lose them late.

  4. Bruce Weber says

    WHO CARES?!!

    No seriously, thank you for including the picture of me and ranking my boys 2nd…hopefully Demetri can step it up, and I can motivate them to catch Michigan St. they have an awfully good squad…Wisconsin is tough, they could be ranked as high as 7, but they’ve had some bad luck and their record is their record

  5. I would Wisconsin at 7, maybe 6 at this point… they’re back in the tourney at 6-6 in conference

  6. David Palmer says

    I have a bad feeling ‘Sconnie will make a run in the big ten tourney.

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