Big 10 Power Rankings 12-17


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By Paul M. Banks

1. Purdue (9-0)
Their nucleus has an excellent mix of NBA level athletes, college talent that excels in their system, and tough hard-working role players. In other words, they have the blue print in place that you need to go far in March in today’s college game.

2. Michigan State (8-2)
So this a typical (H to tha) Izzo team? That redeems themselves later in the year for their early preconference missteps? Remember, a few months before they won the national title, they lost to Wright St. Yes, Wright St.

3. Northwestern (8-1)

I can’t say this high a ranking will last, but no team in the conference below them has a more impressive body of work. And look out for the freshman from Naperville Drew Crawford. When he blew up for 35 points on Sunday, it was a new high for a Big Ten player this season. NU shot 20-47 from behind the arc in that game, both conference records.

4. Illinois (8-2)
They are finally playing Bruce Weber style defense now. And I guarantee you this team will NOT finish with a single game scoring total in the 30s or 40s like they did on three occasions last year. These Illini have a lot more up-tempo punch than last season’s model.

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5. Ohio State (8-2)

The  loss of Evan Turner, (who’s only the best player in the conference) reared its ugly head in the loss to Butler. The Bulldogs have looked extremely overrated this season, and I have no doubt the Buckeyes would have smoked them if Turner was still there.

6. Wisconsin (8-2)

As you might have noticed, there weren’t a ton of changes in the rankings this week, and it seems like every single team in the conference has the exact same record of 8-2.

7. Minnesota (8-3)
We didn’t really learn much more about them this week.

8. Indiana (4-5)
All that good feeling in the win over Pittsburgh vanished when they didn’t put a better fight against Kentucky. “Crean and Crimson” will get there though…relatively soon.

9. Penn State (6-4)
Looking like a 6-12, 5-13 type conference team.

10. Michigan (5-4)
Still haven’t looked really impressive in any game this season.

11. Iowa (3-7)
Plucky bunch might steal a couple come conference season, but their talent level is clearly the Big Ten’s bottom of the barrel.

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  1. Dave, you were right this week SUCKS for college hoops. not many good games, not many games period. cuz of all the students taking finals thinggee. Yawn.

  2. I’m going to beg to differ on one account… IU put up a good fight in the first half against Kentucky before realization set in the second half…

  3. I see your point…but thats been the case in almost every game I’ve watched this season. when ILL, MSU or NU beats somebody by 20 or 30 this year (it’s still weird to write about “NU beating multiple teams by 30” the 1st half margin always seems to be 6 or 8 or something like that late into the 1st half.

    Maybe its just what I’ve seen, but the wheat from the chafe always seems to come in the 2nd half

  4. Charley Davis says

    Have you seen Royce White’s youtube goodbye to basketball message? Minnesota will be all right with Tubby at the helm, but with the injury to Evan Turner, a top three finish for the Illini is looking more likely.

  5. Turner is rumored to possibly be coming back in three-four weeks now…

  6. yeah that Royce White thing is nuts….his video where he teases the viewer into revealing something about Tubby, just so you’re forced to sit through (I FFed as much if it as possible) his shitty music as well as the shitty music of his friends is HORRIBLE. worst Youtube ever

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