1st site to have all 4 Major sport Mock Drafts


drew gooden draft night suit

By Paul M. Banks

In 18 days the month of June will begin. Three of the four major sport drafts are held during this month. Yes, I know the NHL is only considered a “major sport” in the upper Midwest and the northeast. Still we have THE BEST NFL and NBA Mock Drafts you’ll find on an independently run, non-mainstream media sports website.

I’ve got my top MLB guy working on the baseball mock. And I have a hockey guy who is halfway through the process as well. The set will be complete soon!

Knowing all the work that goes into making a mock draft, is this an idea as crazy as Drew Gooden’s Dr. Evil looking suit from his NBA Draft night? (pictured above) Maybe. But I think it’s a bold move, and I’m a bold man. Is bold the right word here? (Yes, I was paraphrasing Jim Halpert’s description of Michael Scott there.

Nevertheless, mock drafts are like a sports geek’s crossword puzzle, you have to find the boxes where everything fits properly. And my A.P. English teacher in high school said my ambition was inconsistent. haha! They won’t be saying that when we’re the first sports blog with a complete set of mock drafts. Ballhype BETTER move us into the top 100 of their rankings when this happens!

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