Old-School Sports Game Classics to Play In 2022


Sports and gaming go a long way. Sporting video games are realistically as popular as the sports they are developed based on. For every sports game out there, it is very likely that there is a classic video game for it. There is a wide variety of nostalgic sporting games and the affection by fans keeps going strong, even in this era. Today, sports video games have advanced just like technology. There are more precise input moves and play feels more fluid. Even so, there are titles enthusiasts cannot forget. Here is a list of our favorites to play in the coming year. 

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

This was arguably the best game in the series. Anyone who played it can vividly remember the blue cartridge. It featured countless tricks and iconic moves gamers hadn’t experienced before. With the manuals, gamers could extend their trick combos. For anyone who knew nothing about skateboarding, as soon as they got a chance to play this game, they got swooped into an unforgettable and life-changing culture. The HORSE or graffiti modes made the experience even better. 

Tecmo Super Bowl

Without this game, even today’s video game football wouldn’t be where it is. The game sparked a different kind of love for football fans. This enjoyable game got you hooked in no time. Before breaking down a touchdown, you could run in an opposite manner and even dart sideways. Anytime you played with Bo Jackson you legit felt like you received unfair play. He was a legend and the unstoppable force of the game. 

NFL Street

The release of NFL Street took arcade-style games a notch higher. It took former games out of the arena setting to different areas like backlots and sandy beaches. As you played, taunts and making touchdowns earned you style points while you approached the Gamebreaker. This made your team unstoppable for some time. With the challenge mode, you could work to steal legendary players from different teams. You only had to go up the challenging ladder and build your ideal squad. The joy that came with spinning the ball on one finger was unmatched. 

WWE SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain

Those who enjoyed wrestling cannot forget this game that brought forth significant moments for WWE games. The game was a major improvement from the previous titles and had no glitches. It was fun to play with the Season Mode and the cash you earned from winning a match gave you an extra advantage- you could unlock WWE legendary figures like Legend of Doom and Ted Dibiase, or get new gear. The game emulated WWE superstars, making it the best WWE title yet. 


When it comes to true arcade sporting games, very few can match the popularity that came with this series. You were presented with the opportunity to choose between two NBA players. The duo played and it was up to you to fight on the court. To have a little more fun, NBA Jam allowed you to hit dunks that can only be said to have defied gravity. At the same time, you could use the big head mode to create a unique game different from other simulations. 

Backyard Sports

This series was a favorite for kids from back then. The games featured kids who individually had unique strengths, abilities, and attributes. They were to compete against each other in various sports in separate localities. The best character you could ever pick for a team was Pablo Sanchez who simply expelled greatness. Those who never knew him should definitely get a hold of this series. 


Mike Tyson’sPunch-Out was a must-own for anyone with NES. This game still remains to be one of the best sports games of all times. In the game, you took the role of the underdog boxer, Little Mac. His aim was to try to become a world champion of the World Video Boxing Association. Being Mac required that you take on several opponents. The fact that you had to figure out the tricks to take down every boxer made you come up with strategic elements.

NHL ‘94

Hockey lovers were also given a title to live for. As a matter of fact, this game’s popularity hasn’t slowed down, having been the first one to get an NHL licensing. It was insanely fun and it featured smooth gameplay. The graphics of the game were ahead of its time. The way through which you caught up with the up and down action was a straight addiction. 

Final Thoughts

Sporting video games have always stirred a different kind of passion for fans. Over the years, many sports gaming titles have come and gone. However, these titles hold top positions, and they are unforgettable for sports lovers. They all played a significant role in developing the sporting world of video games. Try them! 


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