Do You Really Need Instagram to Promote Your Products and Services?


The short answer is yes, the long answer is going to be given in this text. Years ago promoting products and services online was an option and people weren’t putting too much effort into it and tried to spread the word about their business in many different ways. Today social media is almost the only efficient way to make people aware of what you’re doing: 

TV, banners and all types of stuff that was used before is still there but the only resource that gives a bomb-like effect is social media. Instagram is the leader of these platforms right now, especially when it comes to selling and advertising.

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In this article we’re going to tell you why you should have a profile on Instagram and why a chance to buy instagram likes should also be taken in consideration while promoting content there.  

Let’s start with the basics: creating your own website and trying to attract traffic there. This is a nice option and actually each business brand should have its own website in addition to pages on social media. No matter how greatly social media is developed right now, it still doesn’t have enough tools for brands to represent their products and services.

Websites do have these tools — you can create literally any page that has any buttons and any menu to it; having a link to a website on your social media page is an obligatory thing and we would recommend you to hire a decent specialist to create and moderate your own website.  

What’s also available besides social media? Context advertisements on various websites. Several years ago most of the traffic came on these resources effortlessly as there were no social media websites at all. But now websites themselves struggle with attracting enough visitors daily, and that’s why using this type of ads for your products and services as the main resource of promotion is not a good idea.

Of course, you could try to include this type of promotion using some thematic websites that have a certain pool of regular visitors, but we won’t advise you doing it often. 

Other social media websites are an option for promotion too, but only Instagram has reached levels of popularity that are these high and impressive. There any business owner will be able to find their audience and find ways to advertise products and services in the way that will actually sell them to clients.  

You can also promote your website and show all the benefits of the products and services: photos and videos formats are the best one to choose in this case.

Instagram offers even more right now: recently it created a system where you can sell your stuff right from the platform.  It’s not available everywhere yet, but experts say that pretty soon Instagram’s main priority would be selling products and services like online shopping platforms do, also it will give more resources and tools to videos rather than photos and private chatting systems.

The most pleasant thing is that an Instagram profile doesn’t require much skills like creating a personal site does; anyone can do it and attract their first likes and followers without much effort wasted.  

If you doubt your skills you can always hire a manager and save yourself lots of time and energy, leaving it all to a specialist. The only rule is if you want to reach success on Instagram, you have to invest in it: and if you’re not ready to invest your time and effort, you’d have to spend some money.

There also comes a chance to buy Instagram likes that we were talking about at the very beginning of this article, paid thumbs up can really change the vibe of your account from the very beginning and make it seem successful and appealing to many even though you’ve been working on it not so long.  

What’s the most important thing about paid Insta thumbs up?  

You have to seem natural. Trying to buy thousands of likes from the very beginning of your Instagram journey is a killer: you have to make sure that the whole promotion progress looks natural and nor suspiciously quick to other users who might want to follow your account or already follow it. Even if you came on Instagram for business, you have to make each move smoothly to not lose the social proof that you should gain from your likes, no matter if these are bought or naturally acquired ones.  

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If you want a booster that will take you to the stars, buy several promo packs at once and combine them in a way to make other people think that your content basically boomed on Instagram.

Though there is also Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms available for promoting your brand, we’d highly recommend starting with Instagram as that platform has the most amount of daily users and visitors and has no problem with helping you find the target audience for any product. Plus, Insta’s platform is the most adapted one when it comes to sales and advertisements.  


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