How the Detroit Tigers Can Build on Their Lead

I think Leyland has a point this time, Mr. Joyce

The Tigers lead the rest of the field in the American League Central by three games. This is obviously the position they want to be in, but the amount would be more comfortable if the margin was bigger. I have some suggestions for the front office and coaching staff on how the team can extend its lead to have a more substantial cushion.

Rotating the designated hitter makes sense during the dog days of August. Players like Victor Martinez, Carlos Guillen, Jhonny Peralta, Alex Avila, and Brennan Boesch can get half days off around once a week to keep them fresh and their bats in the line-up. It is an added bonus to players that play demanding positions in the field like catcher or shortstop.

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Yankee Stadium Hosts GREATEST Prank Ever! (Video)

I wish I had found this by April 1st, because this would be the greatest video stunt to pull on April Fool’s Day. Obviously, it’s a bit old as this hoax was perpetrated via the jumbotron of old Yankee Stadium during the 5th inning of a Yankees game.

Ah you are kings among men.

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Alex Flanagan Discusses Notre-Dame Army at Yankee Stadium


Notre Dame Fighting Irish sideline reporter and NFL Network personality Alex Flanagan discussed the upcoming college football game at new Yankee Stadium between ND and Army:

“This is historic for the players. They are extremely excited to be playing in this venue and to be a part of this storied rivalry. It’s going to be an interesting challenge to convey what they’re seeing and feeling.”

It will be the 50th time the Fighting Irish and the Black Knights have met on the football field in a rivalry that started in 1913. The old Yankee Stadium hosted 22 games between the two teams.Tom Hammond (play-by-play), Mike Mayock (analyst) and Alex Flanagan (sideline) anchor NBC Sports’ coverage.

For the Alex Flanagan photo gallery go here.

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Notre Dame-Army at Yankee Stadium: Brutally Honest Game Preview


Are you noticing a theme this week? All three of Chicago’s home college football teams are playing neutral site games in the homes of big city, big market Major League Baseball teams. For the preview of the Wrigleyville Classic between Northwestern and Illinois go here.

The ND-Army contest, the first football game of any kind in new Yankee Stadium, features one bowl eligible team and one trying to get there. And it’s opposite of what you expect. The Irish showed some fight last week, routing a top 15 ranked Utah team that was heavily favored, and ranked in the top 5 just a couple weeks ago.

Another South Bend feel good story (and Jesus knows they could use more of ’em this year) is Lake Forest product Tommy Rees, the new QB who’s getting the chance to “live his dream.” Will he lead them to 14 straight over the Cadets, obtaining that postseason berth, and the 15 extra practices that come along with it?

By Paul M.Banks

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Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium Field Preview (Photos)

Notre Dame Stadium

With the big Notre Dame Fighting Irish versus Army college football game coming up at Yankee Stadium in a couple weeks, here are some photo previews of what the field will look like

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New Yankee Stadium Ready for Notre Dame College Football (Photo)


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Here’s a sneak preview of how new Yankee Stadium will look when it hosts college football twice this year. It’ll hos the Pinstripe Bowl on December 30th, and Notre Dame vs. Army on Nov. 20th. It’s not just home to Major League Baseball anymore.

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Super Bowl Locations Should Change College Football

Generic NCAA Logo for College Football

Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 isn’t going to be as great for media members as pretty much any Super Bowl in the past. It’s likely to be cold, windy and maybe even snowy for kickoff of the NFL title matchup in the New York area – the first time for a legitimate shot at “football weather” for football’s biggest game. So now the NCAA has to wake up and realize conference expansion isn’t the biggest issue with college football.

By Kevin Hunt

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