Cubs vs. Wrigleyville rooftop owners: more friction inevitable


In the 2000s, the Chicago Cubs and the owners of the rooftops surrounding Wrigley Field had quite a tiff going on. The Cubs put up fences in the bleachers blocking the view of the Wrigleyville rooftops, so the rooftop owners built their seats higher above it. Then the ballclub put up another screen blocking the view, claiming it was for “post 9/11 security screens.” After years of squabbling they settled on the small business owners giving them 17%.

You can see how both sides have a point- the local businesses help build the Wrigleyville neighborhood up from dangerous ghetto on the outskirts to trendy, adult playground. The Cubs have a point in that someone else is directly profiting off their product. Well the years of detente are over and it looks like there’s going to be another battle over revenue between the two interests.

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White Flag Warriors

By Paul Schmidt

“We’d rather make our children
martyrs than murderers
We’d rather make our children
White Flag Warriors…”

–“White Flag Warriors,” Flobots, featuring Tim McIlrath of Rise Against

With apologies to the Flobots, whose song White Flag Warriors (I think) is about a generation who would rather not fight the wars our government is sending us to and parents who don’t want their children going to these wars, they have inadvertently written what I propose to be the theme song to the 2010 Chicago Cubs. [Read more…]

Cubs’ Tax Infuriates Cactus League Fans


By: Melissa S. Wollering

Should Cactus League fans foot the bill for a new Chicago Cubs Spring Training stadium in Mesa, Arizona?  Too late.  We don’t have a choice.

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