Let’s care about Swimming again like we did in ‘08


A moron left an idiotic comment on my Washington Times.com exclusive with Washington Wizards/Capitals owner Ted Leonsis last sumemr And within that comment is an inaccurate phrase that reminded me of what’s become of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ star power these days.

This buffoon brought up “Michael Phelps’ crack-smoking episode.” It was marijuana, not crack, get it right! But it makes me realize how low Phelps’ Q Rating must currently be.

People have actually forgotten which illegal narcotic he was busted for using! It can’t be. Michael Phelps and the Beijing water cube was ALL that people talked about three summers ago.

I remember that popularity spike in lap-swimming, the “Beijing Bump.” It didn’t last, and now it’s a sport no one cares about other than me. Well, here’s one other person who does. To be truthful, Phelps wasn’t the best spokesperson for my favorite sport. I got to attend one of his press conferences for Chicago 2016; and it was BORING.

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