Is Jake Peavy Ever Coming Back to the White Sox?

jake peavy

At this point, we will see Jake Peavy as the starting pitcher for your Chicago White Sox. On opening day. 2018.

Seriously, I was at the game when Peavy’s detached lat injury occurred. I saw him with his shirt off in the locker room; and the sight was quite gruesome. An entire set of muscles detached and hanging from where they should be. I knew then he wouldn’t be back for the beginning of 2011.

Even though that’s what the Sox information control machine was telling us. Then it was he’d be back for the second month of 2011. And this timeline keeps shifting around. Usually moving back; and back again.

By Paul M. Banks

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Sox Win over Royals Offers Preview of “What’s Meant to Be”

white sox '80s

By Soxman

Speed, Pitching and Defense was the Kenny Williams blueprint of success for the 2010 Chicago White Sox.  The plan seemed feasible.  After all it worked in 2005.

He started acquiring the parts for “the project” at the end of the 2009 season and through a busy winter he acquired the best “materials” available within his budget to build a winner.

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“Sinking” White Sox Exchange


By Soxman and Paul M. Banks

“Iceberg dead ahead,” is the titanic analogy most White Sox fans are using to describe the Sox play-off chances as they’ve commenced their most difficult road trip of the year.  No sooner are the Minnesota Twins “ruled dead” that they are only a game behind the White Sox in the standings.  Can the Sox still win this division or will they end the season in third place?  Paul M. Banks and Soxman break it down in this week’s White Sox Exchange.

(PMB) Things are looking bleak, they now even have a losing record against the AL East on the season- that stat was my last beacon of hope heading into this monster road trip.

(SM) For Sox fans it is pretty hard to remain optimistic when the most positive thing you can say about your team is “underperforming.”  I’m often asked via e-mail or Facebook, why is there not more excitement about a team in the thick of the playoff hunt.  My answer?  THE TEAM IS ONE GAME ABOVE .500!  In EVERY other division in MLB the White Sox are a 4th place team.  Look it up.


(PMB) Repeatedly seeing a half-empty U.S. Cellular Field for multiple games each homestand says it all. So did Ozzie. When asked earlier in the year, after they hosted the first place Los Angeles Dodgers to crowds of 40% or less capacity why the Cubs were drawing much better at the time. “Because our fans are smart- they know this team is horses#$t.” The Sox public and media relations teams may be horrible at their jobs, but having a very mediocre product to try and sell doesn’t help. This isn’t a pennant race, it’s a turtle race.

Oh and pardon the picture to the right, that has the wrong colored Sox name and logo on it.

(SM) Let’s talk about what’s keeping the Sox from grabbing the division lead for a minute.  The Sox are the WORST fielding team in the American League (.980 Fielding percentage), and the third worst team in major league baseball; only better than the Washington Nationals and the Arizona Diamondbacks, who are having contraction worthy seasons.  They have given up 65 unearned runs this season.  Hitting and pitching tend to be streaky, but fielding is a consistent indicator- not a positive sign for our play-off hopes.  If our luck does not turn around quickly, we could very well finish the season in third place.  Your thoughts?

(PMB) Hold on, this question reminded me of the 4th inning last night, and I’m about to lose my lunch. Ok, I’m back now, and need to take something for my upset stomach. It’s true this team beats itself more than any other team beats them, but your question at that .980 statistic reminds me of something. Everyone always talks about “hitting a baseball being the hardest thing to do in sports” or “baseball as a game of failure” because if you fail 2/3 of the time (i.e. have a career batting average of .333) you’re a legend, but what about looking at it from the other perspective (no one does that).

Look at the Sox fielding, they succeed 98 times out of 100, and they’re ABYSMAL. We should think about that once in awhile. Or think about girls, or music, or food or whatever to take your mind off a TERRIBLE defensive outfield when you have both Podsednik and Quentin in it. I really thought they were going to improve once they sent Josh Fields back down to AAA. But the problem was much bigger than him.


(SM) Pitching? The Sox have the 7th best team ERA in the majors (4.13), and over the past month, are second only to the Texas Rangers in the AL (4.07).  Jake Peavy tossed five scoreless innings in his August 24th start with Triple-A Charlotte. He had three strikeouts with two walks, and 52 of his 80 pitches landed for strikes.  Will his return be too little to late?  Why didn’t the Sox make a waiver claim on Billy Wagner?  With Scott Linebrink struggling (8.53 ERA in his last 6 games), he could have helped.

(PMB) Aren’t the Sox lower on the waiver priority wire now after acquiring Alex Rios? I do love how Kenny is taking steps now to address the needs that he failed to address in the off-season. You would think adding a new Ace to your rotation would be make a difference of 4-5 games, which is what we need right now, but I think Peavy’s main impact will be in 2010. I still love the move, I just don’t think it’ll be enough.

(SM) Hitting?  Over the last 30 days, the White Sox are last in the AL with a .253 team batting average.  Luckily, the Tigers are second worst at .258.  The “dead” Twins are 4th at .288.  Jermaine Dye’s bat has vanished since the All-Star break.  He hasn’t homered in his last 16 games and is only hitting .190.  Did the Rios trade impact him?  Other offensive pennant push—overs?  Paul Konerko- .182 in his last 55 at bats, and your man-crush, Gordon Beckham, .233 over the last 19 games.  What do you think is going on here?

(PMB) I don’t know how to explain it, other than maybe they’re “hitting” the proverbial wall- like so many NBA rookies do down the stretch of their first seasons. That could definitely apply to man-crush. As for Dye, maybe his age is catching up to him. I was on the record saying Carlos Quentin’s 2008 was a fluke, so I won’t touch CQ. And yes, I get it, the Twinkies are not dead yet- even though I said they were last week.

Alright, let’s blare PODs, “BOOM” as we go to our “closer” feature, Maybe or Mirage, where we hit 5 quick points on the White Sox and offer our opinion whether it is a sign of things to come or something likely to fade quickly?  Remember, no answer can be longer than 20 words!  Let’s play ball…

As Ozzie said, the 2009 White Sox are good enough to go to the World Series.

(SM)  Mirage.  They can’t even control an average AL Central.alexeicheshirt

(PMB) Ha ha ha ha!…Oh yeah. Mirage. All they have to improve is their defense, bullpen, starting pitching, and offense.

2009 will be the last we see of Jermaine Dye and Jim Thome in Chicago.

(SM)  Mirage, we’ll see a lot of Thome when he plays for the Indians in 2010.

(PMB) Mirage and Maybe, Dye can DH next year, Thome can get his option declined. Love your irony btw.

Gordon Beckham will be the AL Rookie of the Year

(SM)  Maybe, BUT Andrew Bailey, 6-3, 18 SV, 1.99 ERA with 75 Ks in 68 IP might disagree.

(PMB) Maybe. You hear him on The Score today with surprise guests, The Outfield? Creators of his theme music…”I don’t want to lose your love, toniiiiight”

Jake Peavy will pitch for the Sox in 2009.

(SM)  Maybe, he already is pitching for the Sox…at AAA.

(PMB) Definitely, he took a line drive off the elbow today, but it’s Minor. He looked Major in that start.

Alexei Ramirez is the reason the Sox defense stinks.

(SM)  Maybe, as he should be much better than he is.

(PMB) Maybe. He does a way better job at 2B, but there’s also blame to go around.

The Sox Exchange


“Your Best in the Midwest Chicago White Sox Weekly Report”

By Soxman and SoxGirl

Paul M. Banks is on assignment scouting perspective in-laws, so sports super fan Soxman is joined this week by the newest member of the American League of Justice, SoxGirl, who is hotter than Gordon Beckham at the plate.

(SM) White Sox Nation rejoice!  This was a very exciting week for our franchise and fans.  After a humiliating sweep at the Metro”dump,” by the Twins, we are right back in the play-off hunt, acquired a Cy Young Award winner, had a perfect pitcher break a major league record and took three of four games from the New York Yankees!  SoxGirl care to start?


(SG) How about Jake Peavy?  Talk about a surprise blockbuster!  The White Sox acquired a proven ace, with a career ERA of 3.29, solidified their rotation for the next two years at least, and have made themselves a stronger team for the stretch run.  What’s not to like about this trade?

(SM)  There was a belief not even a month ago that Peavy’s ankle injury was so severe, he could be shut down for the season.  This scared a lot of suitors away.  However, he threw off the mound Sunday.  The Sox now believe he will be ready to go before the end of the month!  People argued that we gave up a lot.  Clayton Richard has posted a 1.25 era over his last three starts including over five innings of two hit ball in his Padre’s debut.  Aaron Poreda should be solid as well.  Adam Russell has not shown much in his time with the Sox and Dexter Carter is very young.  Sure the move turns away from GM Kenny Williams vow to grow talent from within somewhat, but you can’t pass on the opportunity for a pitcher like Jake Peavy.

Still it leaves the open question of the fourth spot in the rotation and who occupies the fifth spot until Peavy returns?

(SG) Here’s where the gamble is on our season.  Providing we hit like we did against the Yankees, we should stay within striking distance until Peavy returns.  If he returns healthy, we will only really one question mark in our rotation.  By the end of August, I’m hoping to see starting five of Buehrle, Peavy, Danks, Floyd and then Contreras, Colon, or “Big Game” Freddy Garcia.  As far as “spot starts” for a fifth starter goes, I expect I Ozzie to turn to D.J. Carrasco or you’ll see a “one start” call-up of a hot minor leaguer as was the case with Carlos Torres a couple of weeks back.  Where I’m left scratching my head though is over who owns the fifth starter spot for the rest of the season?

(SM) Ozzie will go with the hot hand or I guess you could say “healthy arm.”  Contreras has a 5.94 ERA over his last three starts.  Control has been an issue for him.  Colon had a great start in his return from the disabled list but was immediately disabled again with elbow inflammation.  Freddy Garcia looked good in his first minor league start last week.  Garcia went three innings and did not allow a run on two hits and one walk. He also managed to strike out three and induce two double play balls.  Garcia could be ready in within two weeks.

(SG) Well pitching should be our strong suit down the stretch.  If anything positive came from our visit to the Metro “Dump” last week, it was once again Mark Buehrle.  In his first start since making history, he was perfect once again through  5.2 innings.  He set the major league record with 45 straight batters retired spanning his last two starts, surpassing fellow teammate Bobby Jenks who tied the record a couple of season back.

(SM) Those poor performances in twinkiville were quickly forgotten in our “bombing” of the Bronx bombers.  The exciting thing was to see a balanced offensive attack from this team extenuating the importance of Scott Podsednik and Gordon Beckham, who has looked great atop the batting order.  Beckham could very well be the 2009 Rookie of the Year.  He’s hit .407 over his last six games with a .311 average overall on the season.

Dodgers Sox Spring Baseball

(SG) “The Savior” has been great I admit that, but lets not forget other players who have been clutch as well.  Chris Getz is getting little attention despite hitting .333 with 1 HR and 4 SB over his last 15 games.  And, how about my man, Mr. Controversy A.J. Pierzynski, who is raking with a .526 batting average over his last six games and a .393 batting average over his last 15 games!  I noticed he was booed loudly by the Twins fans.  As A.J. was drafted by Minnesota, why is he hated so much there?

(SM) Leave it to SoxGirl to find a way to work AJ into a Sox exchange!  I have no clue.  The Twins were forced to deal A.J., as they had perennial All-Star, Joe Mauer ready for the majors.  Before joining the White Sox in 2005, he was traded to the Giants for Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano, and Boof Bonser.  Nathan has emerged as one of he best closers in the game, so you would think Twins fans would be grateful to A.J.


(SG)  I am every time I watch him play!

(SM) Well lets close this week’s exchange out with Maybe or Mirage, where we hit 5 quick points on the White Sox and offer our opinion whether it is a sign of things to come or something likely to fade quickly?  Remember, no answer can be longer than 20 words!  Let’s play ball…

Ladies first…

The Sox cannot beat the Twins.

(SG) Mirage.  The 2008 tiebreaker game.  Enough said.
(SM) Mirage.  SoxGirl, great minds think alike.

Brian Anderson will comeback to haunt the Sox.

(SG) Maybe.  He’ll haunt the Red Sox for acquiring him.

(SM) Maybe.  He already has for convincing the Sox he could replace Aaron Rowand.

Bobby Jenks will remain the White Sox Closer.

(SG)  Maybe.  He has huge stones…kidney stones that is.

(SM)  Maybe. I shutter at the thought of Linebrink or Dotel getting the ball in the ninth.

Mark Kotsay is this year’s Geoff Blum.

(SG) Mirage.  But he’s still better than Brian Anderson.

(SM) Maybe.  They both played with Jake Peavy…LOL.

Jake Peavy will play better than Jarrod Washburn.

(SG)  Maybe.  But Washburn will have a better ankle.

(SM)  Maybe…in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Great exchange SoxGirl!  Paul M. Banks returns next week!

White Sox Get Jake Peavy


By Soxman

What do you get when you combine Jake Peavy and Alexei Ramirez?  Answer: two of four healthy ankles.

Just minutes after the 4:00 p.m. Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline passed, the MLB network announced that Jake Peavy was headed to the Chicago White Sox…again, and this time its for real.

With the move, Kenny Williams once again proved the following:

1.    He always gets his man.
2.    He is not afraid to do whatever it takes to win now…and later.

For the most part, this trade involves the same names as version 1.0 did earlier in the season.

The difference?  Peavy is currently on the disabled list with a strained tendon in his ankle and won’t return until mid-August at the earliest.  Not more than two weeks ago, Padres’ GM Kevin Towers noted that Jake Peavy could be done for the remainder of the season, saying, “I think it’s 50-50 if Jake will pitch again this year.”

However, Kenny Williams told the MLB network minutes ago that he believes Peavy will begin a rehab assignment towards the middle of August and could return towards the end of the month possibly on-time for the Red Sox series.

The Padres did pretty well in this deal as they will receive Clayton Richard, Adam Russell, Dexter Carter and Aaron Poreda in return.  soxman1

Richard should immediately move into the Padre’s rotation.  While he is 4-3 with a 4.67 ERA, and a 1.47 WHIP on the season, he had a 1.12 ERA over his last two starts, helping the Sox get a crucial win over the Tigers on Sunday.

The key prospect in the trade for the Padres is likely southpaw Aaron Poreda.  In a limited bullpen stint with the White Sox, the 2007 first-round draft pick had a 2.45 ERA in ten IP.

For the White Sox, the move could be to win now, providing Peavy could return towards the end of August.  It could also be to solidify the Sox rotation for years to come. Peavy is under contract for at least three more years, with a club option for 2012.   In the economics of pitching, it could also be a long term bargain.  He’s due $15 million next year, $16 million in 2011 and $17 million in 2012 with a $4 million buyout on a $22 million club option.

Mark Buehrle is signed through 2011,and John Danks and Gavin Floyd are under the Sox control for at least three more seasons.

Even if he doesn’t throw another pitch in 2009, the White Sox get a proven 28-year old ace and Cy Young award winner (2007), who has a career ERA of 3.29. His ERA is likely to suffer somewhat moving to U.S. Cellular Field, but he should still pitch like a front of the rotation ace.

So why did Jake Peavy have a change of heart after turning down a trade in May?

“There’s no assurance that one of his (Peavy’s) prime target teams was going to take a shot at him in the offseason,” Barry Axelrod, Peavy’s agent said in an interview with Padres insider Tim Krasovic.

Peavy’s preferred teams were the Cubs and Dodgers.

In late May, he decided against accepting a trade to the White Sox.

Citing other factors, Axelrod told Krasovic that the White Sox (52-51 and 2.5 games behind the Tigers) are in better playoff contention than when Peavy nixed the deal in late May.

Should anyone be surprised?

Williams was somewhat forced to respond after the Detroit Tigers acquired Jarrod Washburn from the Mariners, and the Minnesota Twins solved their middle infield situation acquiring shortstop Orlando Cabrera.

He has admitted to coveting Peavy since July of last year, and has a proven track record of never giving up on his targets.  After almost acquiring Ken Griffey Jr. at the 2005 trade deadline, Williams finally got him in 2008.

In 2005 he almost traded Joe Crede to the Angels for Darin Erstad.  He later signed him as a free-agent before the start of the 2007 season.

While it somewhat edges away from Williams vow to develop his farm system, it is a good trade for both teams.

Providing the White Sox can stay in contention until Peavy returns healthy, he could easily add 2-3 wins down the stretch.  Did you hear that offense?  Now wake up…AGAIN.