Is Jake Peavy Ever Coming Back to the White Sox?


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At this point, we will see Jake Peavy as the starting pitcher for your Chicago White Sox. On opening day. 2018.

Seriously, I was at the game when Peavy’s detached lat injury occurred. I saw him with his shirt off in the locker room; and the sight was quite gruesome. An entire set of muscles detached and hanging from where they should be. I knew then he wouldn’t be back for the beginning of 2011.

Even though that’s what the Sox information control machine was telling us. Then it was he’d be back for the second month of 2011. And this timeline keeps shifting around. Usually moving back; and back again.

By Paul M. Banks


And now this…Yesterday Sox pitching coach Don Cooper said the plan all along was to ensure Peavy’s health for the stretch run and a game one start in the playoffs. Obviously, that’s a great goal to have him back for the most important time; but seriously? Is he EVER coming back? And why not just telling us straight up? And being straight-forward.

“The long-range plan has always been for him to open up the playoffs for us,” pitching coach Don Cooper said Thursday on “The Mully & Hanley Show” on WSCR-AM 670. “So we back-track everything from there. If we have to miss some time early, we’ll do it so we don’t miss any time later. And hopefully we get him strong (during his ongoing rehab).”

Sounds like a plan, but again, he’s going to straight from the DL to the bright lights of the postseason? What will they tell us in September: that the original plan is for him to come back in 2012?

We understand if Peavy needs to take this year off. Just treat us like adults and tell it like it is though.

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