NHL Midseason Assessments and Fearless Predictions


Early in the season, I provided my predictions as to how I believed the Western Conference would pan out.  A smart person would have simply chosen not to follow up on how accurate their predictions were.

As I am not that type of person (smart), I now provide, at the halfway point of the season an assessment of how the season has played out so far.

I will provide a brief synopsis of what I predicted for the respective Western Conference team, how they are currently faring, and what the rest of the season may or may not hold for the team.

With that, here are my assessments:

By Ed Cmar

[Read more…]

NBA Western Conference Power Rankings 3-1

By Andy Weise

Ten days past the trading deadline, each team’s decision to move salary, acquire a missing piece, or stand pat is starting to create a clear picture of what to expect for the rest of the season. [Read more…]

NBA Eastern and Western Conference Power Rankings

By Jake McCormick and Andy Weise

Western Conference

1. Los Angeles Lakers (38-12)
The big road trip hasn’t really slowed the Lakers and evidence showed as they went into Boston last Sunday and beat the Celtics. LeBron might be the best but it’s hard to argue in the closing seconds that Kobe is the most clutch. [Read more…]

Western/Eastern Conference Power Rankings 1-21

By Andy Weise (West) and Jake McCormick (East)

Western Conference

1. Los Angeles Lakers (32-9)
Still have yet to hit double digits in losses and they continue to roll. One thing they need to do though is prove they can win consistently on the road. Get ready for some road games soon (23-3 at home, 9-6 on the road). The next eight games are on the road, seven against eastern conference teams. [Read more…]

The Sports Bank Western/Eastern Conference rankings

By Jake McCormick and Andy Weise

Western Conference

1. Los Angeles Lakers (28-6)
Artest rejoins the team and Gasol goes back out. Kobe’s finger is hurting and the team still finds ways to win. That’s what is nice about Lamar Odom, he’ll do anything you want, play any position, start or come off the bench. Must be nice. [Read more…]