USA wins in Mexico for first time ever, 1-0

The US women’s gold-medal winning team may have dominated American soccer headlines the past month, but the US men have just made a resounding statement of their own.  For the first time ever, the men’s national team has defeated Mexico on Mexican soil, thanks to late tally from Michael Orozco Fiscal.  The game-winner, which was created by a trio of US substitutes, silenced the crowd at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, leading to just the second non-defeat for the US in 25 matches played against its rivals in Mexico. [Read more…]

London 2012: Olympic soccer quarterfinals observations

After nine goals in four women’s Olympic quarterfinal matches, two of the world’s top five teams have fallen, along with host nation Great Britain.  As the remaining four teams shift focus towards Monday’s semifinals, let’s take a look back at how a marathon day of soccer shook down.

France continues to surprise

The most consistent part of France’s squad this tournament has been its inconsistency, and that didn’t change Friday morning.  After getting bombarded and conceding early [Read more…]

London 2012 Olympics: Women’s soccer quarterfinals preview

With the group stages behind us, the quarterfinals of women’s Olympic soccer kick off tomorrow featuring several intriguing matchups.  Among the eight remaining teams are six of the world’s top seven squads, as well as host-nation Great Britain, composed primarily of players from the world’s No. 9 England.  The Olympic knockout stage will also feature six of the eight 2011 World Cup quarterfinalists (counting Great Britain as England), and all four semifinalists, making the field as stacked as any in recent memory.  Here’s what to watch for as kickoff approaches. [Read more…]

Watch the Lingerie Football Playoffs this Weekend Instead of the Pro Bowl!

For years, the NFL has had a bye week between the Conference Championship and the Super Bowl. That is a lot of time to wait for another meaningful football game. A few years ago, the NFL decided to move up the Pro Bowl to the bye week to satiate the football-lovers appetite. But does the Pro Bowl really satiate?


But fear not my football adoring friends. There is a solution.

Read about it after the jump

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FIFA Hand USMNT German Gift


By Alex Simon 

Schalke midfielder Jermaine Jones’ application to switch to the U.S. national team from Germany has been approved by FIFA. The U.S. Soccer Federation announced the switch in nationality on Tuesday. A recent FIFA rule change allows players who have not played in a competitive match for a national team to switch to another country in which they have citizenship. Jones’ father was born in America.

The last month for the U.S. Men’s National Team has been an emotional and physical roller coaster. Days after qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, the USNMNT found out that one of their teammates was involved in a deadly car crash. Days after that, they put on an inspiring performance against the Ticos, in honor of their friend. However, the match against Costa Rica brought more challenges for the U.S. Oguchi Onyewu, the US national team and AC Milan defender, tore a tendon in his left knee and will be out at least 3 months. 

With the World Cup less than 8 months away, U.S. coach Bob Bradley needs to start deciding Joneswho will make the 23 man roster. The U.S. have friendly matches scheduled to help the team stay sharp and to help Bradley see who deserves the remaining spots on the World Cup team. Jones, who turns 28 soon, has been sidelined since summer by a hairline fracture of his left shin and has not played in the German Bundesliga this season. If healthy, Jones is a lock for the squad and will likely replace Ricardo Clark as the team’s central defensive midfielder. Most likely, Michael Bradley will play more of an attacking role in the central midfield.

Like many American soccer fans, having Jones is huge news. Jones is a hardnosed player who has played top flight football for several years in Germany. The U.S. can use an abrasive type like Jones, who’s toughness will be a positive impact for a team that is known to be “soft” at times. With Davies most likely out for South Africa, U.S. fans will have to hold their breath that Onyewu and Jones will be healthy come tournament time. Because he won’t be ready to play for the U.S. in its European exhibitions in November, it appears the only game Jones will be able to appear in for the U.S. before World Cup training camp will be in March– the last international fixture date during the club season.





U.S. Soccer Star Injuries Revealed


By Alex Simon

After 5 hours of surgery, it has been revealed that USMNT forward Charlie Davies has fractures to the right tibia/femur, left elbow, facial fractures and a lacerated bladder.

Davies injuries were the result of a fatal 3 am crash Tuesday morning in Virginia.

Davies was in the passenger seat when, the driver whom they did not identify, apparently lost control of the vehicle, which hit a guard rail and split in half.  The other passenger in Davies car, Ashley J. Roberta, 22, was killed in the crash.

The U.S. soccer team was at an all-time high coming off of last Saturday night’s victory over Honduras in World Cup qualifying.  The win guaranteed the U.S. a spot in next year’s World Cup in South Africa.

Aware of the news, USMNT coach Bob Bradley spoke after a national squad training session in preparation for Thursday night’s World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica.

“Obviously, as a team we are saddened to learn this news.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family, as well as the people in the car and the families of the others involved.  As a team, we are relying on each other in a moment that has for sure hit us all hard.”

Given the extent of Davies injuries, the initial thinking is that Davies will not be ready for South Africa next year.

In the last year, the 23-year-old Davies has emerged as the team’s starting forward. Davies has also been a regular for his new team Sochaux, a division 1 team in France.

With Davies late form as well as his chemistry with teammate Jozy Altidore up top, Davies was a lock to be a starter for the U.S. team in the 2010 World Cup.  Davies is without a doubt the fastest player on the USMNT and has scored some vital goals for his country of late, including a goal in the Confederation Cup against Egypt, in addition to scoring against Mexico in Azteca.

Do We Care About the World Baseball Classic?

By the TSB Staff


I love this idea in theory, hate it in practice. With all the major stars more concerned with not getting hurt than actually winning, it just feels like a bunch of glorified preseason games. It’s also hard to root for my native country in this made-for-Bud Selig event. Now before the jingoistic ultra-conservative nutjobs out there do to me what they did to the poor Dixie Chicks in 2003, consider this: how many of you would root for the New York Yankees in a tournament where they competed against minor league teams?

Now I’m not saying the talent disparity between the Americans and the rest of the world is on a level with the exaggerated scenario I just put forth, but I am saying this event’s best results should spread the love of the National Past time around the globe. If we dominate it, no one will care, so parity is therefore in our best interests.

Also, I CAN’T STAND how the uniform of EVERY country is written in English! I’m not sure what this means: racism, xenophobia or whatever, but it’s just awfully offensive when you consider the U.S. isn’t even hosting all of it. And aren’t some non-English speaking countries tuning into this event as well? How would you like it if you really wanted to buy a Team USA jersey, but the team name only came printed in Japanese?


In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, “[WBC]; you’re eating all our steak and ruining our lives!”

Basically, you’re taking the world’s best talent from THE baseball platform of the world during SPRING TRAINING and using them to play non-meaningful ball for countries that don’t care about the sport.

Now soccer, that’s different. Soccer has no single platform, no singular professional world showcase of a league.  No one country can claim soccer as its own.  Therefore, soccer can by all means pull together national teams and have it mean something.

Baseball is MLB.  Talented players from all over the world do come here and are showcased as such, so a World Baseball Classic becomes meaningless when more world-class athletes are playing in an AL Championship Game than an Australia versus Dominican Republic game. Although, I will give props to the DR guys.


I have been surprisingly intrigued by the WBC so far this year.  Three years ago I didn’t watch a game, but now I find myself putting it on in the background while I do other things.  I’m not even rooting for the US; I’m going for Canada.  Call me un-American, but who wants to root for guys like Jeter, Youkilis, Chipper, David Wright and Curtis Granderson?  Why did we get all the d-bags?  The Asian and Central American teams are surprisingly fun to watch because of their raucous fans and talented pitchers.  It seems like the other team’s fans (except Canada) care about a thousand times more than we do.

It’s not an event that appeals to a large American audience because of East Coast bias and the relative amount of “no-namers” on many of the other teams.  I don’t blame people who don’t care, but I happen to have a serious itch for some competitive baseball right now.

I still think it needs to be at a different time of year, with the format tweaked a little bit.  I’m way more excited about the MLB regular season, but as a baseball addict, the WBC is granting my fix right now.


I tried watching the World Baseball Classic and ended up changing the channel. There’s too much NCAA excitement to care about baseball right now. I’m going to wait until April 6th when baseball really matters and than I’ll get my baseball swerve on. I’m too busy counting down the days to Selection Sunday to put on the WBC cap right now.


I have watched very little of the WBC mainly because much of my time right now is dedicated to March Madness as well as every other sport: NFL Free Agency, NBA and NHL season’s winding down and spring training for baseball.

I must say I like the concept of the WBC but I think the timing needs to be fixed. The issue with putting it at the same time as Spring Training is tough because baseball is such a long season and players need this time of the year to get practice in and focus on the upcoming season. They could move the tournament to the middle of the off-season every 3 years (think December). The only other reasonable option I’ve heard is having a week off for All-Star festivities in July with the games played around that time.

I like the concept because we’ve seen the NBA expand their sport globally and already commentators like Steve Phillips are saying international players have improved since the last WBC. Expanding the game globally and getting more attention over the world will only help baseball and the MLB (think $$$$).