VIDEO: SportsCenter’s Lisa Kerney has major struggles with soccer graphic


Former MLB Network personality Lisa Kerney was hired by ESPN in February. The New York based Kerney moved from the CBS affiliate in NYC to Bristol. She is married to former Seattle Seahawks player Patrick Kerney.

Previously, Kerney was at KING-TV in Seattle (October 2005-10) serving as weekend sports anchor and Northwest Sports Tonight host. She was also responsible for The Jim Mora Show, which aired after every Seattle Seahawks game. Patrick Kerney played in Seattle from 2007-09. Right when Lisa Kerney was covering the team. The couple was married in early 2010.

Obviously American football is her thing, not World football, as you can see from the segment below:

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Former Sports Bank writer Trenni Kusnierek covering the Winter Olympics


Milwaukee native and Marquette graduate Trenni Kusnierek has another new media gig. She will be in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympiad.

If you’ve read this site since the beginning, you might remember the dozen or so pieces Trenni wrote for us in 2008. This was a couple years before Trenni got her hosting gig with MLB Network. She covered the Milwaukee Brewers for Fox Sports back then.

Today she works for Comcast SportsNet New England. Follow this link for an in-depth interview/profile on Trenni Kusnierek, and her contributions to The Sports Bank.

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Fun with TSB Search Term Referrals

By Paul M. Banks

I can’t say how proud I am that the top-referring search engine terms sending traffic to the sports are for the most part sports related! Nothing x-rated, nothing unsafe for work. It is relevant. This doesn’t sound like much, but believe me, in the world of Google and all the perverts out there, this is indeed an accomplishment. Without further ado, here are the top terms:

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Sidetracked: The Midwest’s Own Major Leaguer Trenni Kusnierek (2 of 2)

By: Melissa S. Wollering

To read Part 1 of  this two-part series on Trenni, click here.

The velocity of a pitched baseball is about 8 miles per hour faster as it leaves the pitcher’s hand than when it reaches home plate, regardless of the initial speed of the pitch. Reaching back to the depths of your high school physics class, the obvious reason for that is the front of the pitcher’s plate is always 60 feet from the rear-most point of home plate in the majors.

Another predictable journey home is the one Trenni Kusnierek makes regardless of where she is covering baseball during the adventure that is training, regular and post-season. New Jersey is first; it’s the location of MLB Network studios. Road trips may take this MLB Network Reporter to any corner of the country where one of her 30 teams resides.  Still, rounding home means heading back to Wisconsin; a base from which Trenni literally surrounds herself with family and close friends.

“I’m very lucky to have extremely flexible and understanding managers at the Network,” says Kusnierek.  “I make my home in Milwaukee, which means when I am home, I’m HOME.  The pace is perfect.”

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Sidetracked: The Midwest’s Own Major Leaguer Trenni Kusnierek (1 of 2)


By: Melissa S. Wollering

Cole Hamels just gave up a solo homer to Andre Ethier and it’s only the first.  It’s 63 degrees out, but he’s visibly sweating. Game 5 of the NLCS will do that to you. Trenni’s head is filled with stats. If she could just double-check his ERA and games pitched during the ’08 playoffs versus the ’09 postseason so far.

Manny’s now at the plate. She sends off a quick email to MLB Network support staff. Manny singles on a line drive to Werth in right…yikes.  Wait, new message notification. The answer to the Hamels question!

Covering 30 teams is a far cry from one; good thing some of the best researchers in sports TV are listening. See, they’re at her service. All the while, she still refers to Wisconsin as HOME in all caps. You still hear her on 1250 WSSP in Milwaukee. You still catch her volunteering as a tutor on the city’s Southside. We, too, are happy to be at Trenni Kusnierek’s service. The only difference: the rest of baseball is catching on. [Read more…]