Terrelle Pryor Leaving Ohio State: IT’S OFFICIAL


Well, it’s now official- the college football career of Terrelle Pryor is now over. The most hyped recruit in quite some time, the consensus #1 national recruit of 2007 now ends his Ohio State Buckeyes career amidst scandal and with a resume that fell well short of expectations.

According to Pryor’s lawyer, Larry James, he “has decided to forego his senior season” for “the best interest of (his) teammates.”

His lawyer described “an emotional roller-coaster” surrounding the NCAA investigations pertaining to him and his many automobiles. The quarterback and face of the program, he isn’t exactly being the “captain who goes down with the ship.” But then again, the S.S. Buckeye seems to almost already 100% underwater already.

Pryor is considering staying in Columbus to complete his final year as a student, but will more than likely petition the league to enter the NFL’s Supplemental Draft. Now I don’t do Supplmental mock drafts, (I can’t think of anyone who does, or would) but I hear he’s projected in the 3rd-4th round.

Pryor posted a 31-4 record as a starter in three seasons and led the Buckeyes to two BCS bowl wins (2011 Sugar, 2010 Rose). However there was no point at which he ever truly resembled a Heisman candidate, or even the best QB in the Big Ten for that matter, during his career. he put solid numbers, but he’ll be forever be remembered as inter-twined with the darkest days of the Buckeye program.