Chicago Cubs are Starlin Castro’s Team Now


The Chicago Cubs of 2008, the team that was a juggernaut up until late August; who finished just shy of 100 wins before performing the ultimate choke job of all choke jobs, are pretty much gone. The high-priced, built to win now team is almost entirely turned over in just three short years. Most of the starting rotation is gone, as is the bullpen.

Aramis Ramirez is the only infielder left, but he’s not expected to produce as much of the offense as he did back three years ago. Same with Alfonso Soriano, who’s disgustingly bloated contract, by far the worst investment in Cubs history, has has morphed from tragedy to farce today. Jim Edmonds, Derrek Lee and the “ot boys” are all gone.

And in their place is a young nucleus with the names Darwin Barney, Tyler Colvin, Marlon Byrd and Starlin Castro. That’s the future of the Cubs, especially that last one.

By Paul M. Banks

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