St. Louis Blues are Missing Shots and Missing them Badly


Are you, my beautiful, loyal, faithful audience growing tired of reading my articles blaming the St. Louis Blues management?  If so, then definitely continue reading.

I am going to place new blame on what is happening with the injury-riddled Bluenote.  Ready?  Here you go.  It’s their vision.  Yes, that’s right.  Eyes.  You know, those two balls (not those, you morons) that God (or Mike Keenan) gave us to see incredible sights with such as Girls Gone Wild Part 12.  Allow me to explain, please.

Have you not noticed how many times the Blues shoot the biscuit wide?  Way wide?  I’m not talking about 40- foot shots either.  Shots from the slot, shots from the dots, shots with nobody in front of them to screen their vision!  Please tell me you have seen this ugly trend.  This disturbing, repetitive behavior finally caused me to do some research.  Or at least it forced me to tell my intern to do the work for me.  What, you really think I’m going to waste my time looking up numbers to educate you future felons?  Trust me, there are numerous advantages to having 19-year old interns.  Female interns.

By Dave Fredericks

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