San Diego Chargers: collapse is their middle name


Heading into their Thursday Night showdown against the Broncos just a week and a half ago, the Chargers were considered a team that could outlast Peyton Manning for the AFC West title. After blowing a fourth quarter lead to the Cardinals, who own the leagues best record, the Chargers beat the Seahawks and won five straight games.

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Ndamukong Suh Poised For A Big Season


Ndamukong Suh was trending over the weekend on Yahoo! for his hit on Jake Delhomme that garnered him a 7,500 dollar fine. As the second overall selection in this year’s NFL draft, there is every indication that the Detroit Lions’ brass made the right move. The franchise is building up its stable of high draft picks that are sure to make a major impact during the upcoming season including Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Jahvid Best.

By Patrick Herbert

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Nation’s Leading Rusher Ryan Mathews, You Heard of Him?


By Paul M. Banks

Fresno State’s Ryan Mathews is the nation’s leading rusher, and by far the best runner that you’ve never heard of. With his durability, balanced running style and explosive bursts, he now finds himself the Fresno State season record holder for rushing )despite missing a , with a game left to play; and #2 on Mel “Helmet Hair” Kiper’s list of running backs in the junior class.

Because he plays in a mid-major conference, Mathews’ amazing season, and collegiate career has been unfairly overlooked. However, Mathews seems to due his best work against the toughest competition, accruing his season high 234 yards rushing against #6 Boise St. and putting up a C-Note against both #4 Cincinnati and a 9-3 Wisconsin team.

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