Five Most Memorable Rose Bowl Games of Recent Memory


Earning the right to play in the Rose Bowl is a dream for every football loving kid in both Pac-12 and Big Ten country. “The Granddaddy of them all,” this game between the Wisconsin Badgers and Oregon Ducks will be the 98th edition. By far the oldest of all college football bowl games, the centennial year will also see Pasadena hosting the national title game in 2014.

I have a very close friend who’s originally from Pasadena, California and lives here in Chicago today. And I’ve explained to her that earning “your way to Pasadena” is the pinnacle for Big Ten football fans. Pasadena exists in this framework as an Eden, a refuge from winter where it’s supposedly 74 and sunny everyday, and watching the sun set against the mountain behind the Rose Bowl Stadium is supposedly worth the price of admission by itself.

It’s home to her, a place; but to Big Ten folk it’s a Utopian state of mind.

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Rose Bowl to get $150 Million Dollar Renovation


The most iconic stadium in the history of college football is about to get a very expensive upgrade. Yesterday, the Pasadena City Council approved a $152 million financing plan for a major renovation of the Rose Bowl

It is the largest investment in the history of the 88-yearold iconic structure. The financing plan includes lease extensions that will ensure UCLA will play its home games at the Rose Bowl Stadium through 2042 and the Rose Bowl Game will be played there through at least 2043.

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