The Chicago Cubs are ready for the Cubs Way


Another lovely picture of Mrs. David DeJesus welcomes us to another installment of Cubs related fun. Andy Sonnastine ain’t in the sun no more, real baseball is about two weeks away, the Shark has finally earned his chance and Soriano is still fooling us all.

With that said, let’s get to what the Cubs and Fridays are all about.

Ramble on …

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Setting Up Detroit Tigers Pitching for Postseason Success

Closer Jose Valverde and starter Justin Verlander obviously anchor the pitching staff in Detroit. The former has forty save opportunities in the same amount of chances. The latter has garnered his twenty-first victory already with almost a month left. Valverde’s numbers are a little misleading because his whip is near one and a third. This would usually dictate a few blown saves, but he has been the master in working his way out of jams.

The team buried the Chicago White Sox on Saturday night after coming back from a seven run deficit.

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Phillies vs. Cubs, Shirtless Driving & Boobies Season at Wrigley

This week, my home neighborhood was invaded by Philadelphia Phillies fans. So you know what that means- battery throwing, tasering, hard-drinking, lots of lower back tattoos, public urination. Actually, the cheese-steak consuming people have been very well behaved. It’s been our own peeps that have been obnoxious.

But I can’t blame anyone for being testy. Our weather report today says we have 99 problems and the heat/humidity is the primary one. It could hit a c-note on the Chitown mercury today. Heat indexes of 110-115. Time for shirtless driving season, or shirtless baseball watching.

h/t We Should be GMs and Busted Coverage

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Jimmy Rollins to Attempt World Batted Ball Record TODAY

MLB superstar Jimmy Rollins will be knocking baseballs over Benjamin Franklin Parkway for Red Bull Ball Park Cranks on June 27, 2011 from 11:45-1pm. He’s not just talking home runs here — Rollins is aiming beyond the typical stadium distance and looking to hit a massive 550-foot bomb — or the distance of almost two football fields. A dream he’s had since his youth.

Rollins is attempting to break the current Guinness World Record for “Longest Batted Ball” which currently stands at 576 feet. The record is for the greatest distance one individual can hit a batted baseball in a legal manner with no restriction on equipment.

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