Josh Hamilton and Matt Kemp Are Threats For The Triple Crown

Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton

It’s still “early” in baseball terms, but Josh Hamilton and Matt Kemp have done nothing but put on shows. Their superb play has gotten more attention than Philip Humber’s perfect game. Hamilton and Kemp are going for the Triple Crown in their respective leagues. The Triple Crown is revered, by many, to be the greatest single-season accomplishment in all of baseball.

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Sox Philip Humber: Letterman interview, top 10 (video)

phil humber

Since he threw the 21st perfect game in MLB history, the 3rd in White Sox lore, -Yes, that’s right the Sox have as many perfect games as any team in the MLB record books- Philip Humber has become a media sensation. The Sox starting pitcher is becoming bigger than curly fries.

Here is being interviewed by David Letterman, then reading a top ten list which is all about him.

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Philip Humber throws 3rd perfect game in White Sox history! (video of final out)


Philip Humber worked really fast for the Chicago White Sox. It took him just 90 pitches to throw the 20th perfect game in Major League regular season history (21st overall). It was also the 3rd perfect game in White Sox history.

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