Pat Tillman Movie Keeps his Memory Alive


Perhaps no figure in the world of college and NFL football is as deep and intriguing as the late, great Pat Tillman. He was a high-achieving intellectual whose rare combination of distinctive individual traits shattered every stereotype you could ever hold of a: “football player,” “soldier” or “Arizona State University student.” When he was alive he was a man whose actions worked on many levels.

He was much more than the one-dimensional football player-turned-war hero archetype presented to the American public by the far right military and NFL establishments. His personal depth and complexity also went beyond the Noam-Chomsky-loving bookworm atheist conveyed to us by the far left.

You’ve heard of that game where you can pick any five people in history to have a dinner party with? Tillman would easily make my top five. I wish I could have met the man while he was alive. Instead, I’ll have to settle for getting to know him through cinema.

And beginning next month, Tillman’s memory will be kept alive by “The Tillman Story,” a movie revealing how both the military and the government covered-up his death by fratricide (or “friendly-fire”) in Afghanistan. The lies and conspiracy surrounding his tragic death reach to the very top of our government and military-industrial complex hierarchies.

By Paul M. Banks

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Arizona St. to Honor Pat Tillman


Arizona State University and The National Football Foundation (NFF) & College Football Hall of Fame announced today that they will jointly honor the late Pat Tillman with an NFF Hall of Fame On-Campus Salute Nov. 13, 2010 as the Sun Devils host Stanford in Tempe.

“It will be an honor for Arizona State University to share this on-campus recognition of Pat Tillman with our community and his family and friends.” says Lisa Love, Vice President for University Athletics at ASU. “Pat, an American hero, is a significant part of our history and we are thrilled to recognize him and his family once again.”

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