Obama wins re-election, breaks Twitter record too


Barack Obama has won re-election. So I get to say for another four years that the President of the United States of America follows me on Twitter. Here’s another Obama related factoid:

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Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Receives Football Foundation Award

The National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame announced today Robert M. Gates, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, as 2011 recipient of the NFF Gold Medal. The organization’s highest honor, the Gold Medal recognizes significant career success, and those who have excelled in amateur sport, particularly football.

Like I’ve said numerous times before, the game of football is a metaphor for war, playing football can serve as a stand-in for military service, and the business of football and the military-industrial complex are completely intertwined and have been since day one.

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Obama Uses Football Metaphor in Bin Laden Death Photo Policy

President of the United States Barack Obama has decided not to release photographs of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s body, a senior administration official told NBC News on Wednesday.

“We don’t need to spike the football” he said about the decision.

Having looked at the photos himself, Pres. Obama says “there is no doubt we killed Osama bin-Laden.”

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