Notre Dame, Michigan among traditional powers experiencing a down year

notre dame

Tradition is one the most attractive and engaging part of sports. The pageantry of a band, the pregame festivities and the engaging mascots lure in fans and grasp their attention.

In no sport is this truer than college football.

The University of Texas lights up the crowd by having Bevo the Bull charge onto the field with the team.

The University of Miami players take the field through a plume of smoke.

The Michigan Wolverines run out under the long, yellow banner that the players jump up and slap.

USC’s Trojan Band plays “Tribute to Troy” 30 minutes before kickoff while the bandleader stabs the middle of the 50-yard-line with his sword.

Notre Dame players slap the ever-famous “Play Like a Champion Today” sign when walking down the stairs from the locker room.

By: Brian McCabe

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