Pro Bowl WR Brandon Lloyd Drops F-Bomb on Former Teams


The AFC Pro Bowl roster broke in a new member this season. It’s the Brandon Lloyd, the NFL leader in receiving yards this past season.

You’re joking right? The same Brandon Lloyd who used to say what’s up to me when we’d pass each other on the quad walking to class at the University of Illinois. The same guy who was the subject of one of my first ever newspaper assignments at the Daily Illini. That Brandon Lloyd??

The same guy who had a good quarter of a season with the Chicago Bears in 2008, before getting injured/falling out of favor with the coaches/focusing less on football and more on his R&B career and then being let out of Chicago?

That Brandon Lloyd? Yes.

By Paul M. Banks

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NFL more Pass-happy, WR standards of greatness changing

tim brown raiders

“It’s a totally different game today than it was even five years ago,” said former Notre Dame and Oakland Raiders great Tim Brown, when I asked about the seismic shift currently occurring within the NFL.

The league is more obsessed with the forward pass than ever before. And since the major pass-first teams are consistently winning, this trend will only increase in the years ahead.

I caught up to Brown in South Bend for the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Weekend. Brown himself had an interesting conversation on the topic with a fellow member of his enshrinement class; one with the same last name.

“(Former New England Patriots WR) Troy Brown and I were talking about this. How are they going to judge receivers? If they are having a hard time judging me and Cris Carter, how are they going to judge these guys who are in a 100 catch offense, and average 9 yards a catch?” Brown told me.

By Paul M. Banks

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