Peter Christian’s NFL Mock Draft

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By Peter Christian

This year our continuous mock draft updates have been a collaboration between Mr. Banks (I decided I’m going to start referring to him that way instead of PMB from now on. It’s like when Vince McMahon started going by Mr. McMahon in the WWE. He re-branded himself as an even more authoritative figure, Mr. Banks deserves the same status and recognition) and myself. However, with the draft only a day away, we are now separating our prognosticating abilities to produce dueling mock drafts. Head to head. Mano y mano. It’s on.

With the first pick in the 2010 NFL draft the St. Louis Rams select…

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NFL Mock Draft 2-2

By Paul M. Banks and Peter Christian

The Senior Bowl was this week. And you can thank the mainstream sports media for dropping the ball metaphorically as badly as Tim Tebow did in a literal sense on Saturday, by devoting 99.999999% of Senior Bowl coverage to Tebow, as his draft stock fell worse than General Motors. Luckily, we’re here for you to fill in the coverage gaps with our Senior Bowl Draft Stock Report. Oh, and the Pro Bowl was this week too, if anyone cares…

Click on the following highlighted/bold phrases to read TSB’s:

NFL Team Needs listing

Offensive Positional Rankings

Defensive Positional Rankings

NFL Draft Big Board

Click here for the second round of this mock draft.

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NFL Mock Draft 1-26 Round 2

NFL Mock Draft 1-5