NFL Owners on the Right Side in Negotiations

There have recently been countless reports of the NFL negotiations coming to a conclusion. Then days on end seem to pass without resolving the situation. It has come to the point when fans have started to take sides. Conventional wisdom dictates that an agreement takes place no matter which side wins. Both parties are much richer than the average person, so there will be no sympathy for either if or when it comes to a conclusion.

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NFL Labor Talks Intensifiy, but 2 Sides Still Fall Apart

Why we WON’T Have NFL next Year: Labor Agreement Cliff Notes


Before reading this I must warn you: it’s rather depressing. It’s a very inconvenient and awful truth about the prospects of the 2011 NFL season. I hope you aren’t in a dark, gloomy and cold place right now.

Coupled with the prospect of losing the next NBA season to a lockout…well, if you’re complaining about how bad your team is now, wait quote ’90s R&B artist Jodeci (actually quoting Bobby Womack since they covered him) “if you think you’re lonely now, wait until tonight.”

Remember how you felt when the NFL season ended last Feburary? This Debbie Downer piece from Docksquad Sports is a must-read, because it gives you the skinny on the league’s revenue sharing agreement. You don’t need to have a MBA or job at Charles Schwab to read it.

The article is penned by a Chicago litigation and labor attorney, but you don’t need a Doctorate of Jurisprudence to appreciate it.

(And yes, I quoted both Jodeci and Bobby Womack in the same article, but you can scrutinize my taste in music later)

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Missing the NFL? Just Wait till 2011

By West Lamy

At the site of Super Bowl XLIV; Miami, Florida in my hometown the dynamite was lit. New Orleans Saints CB Tracy Porter lit that dynamite when he stepped in front of Reggie Wayne, intercepted Peyton Manning’s pass and returned it 74 yards for a touchdown to make the Saints first championship a done deal. Congratulations, New Orleans Saints you are the first team to take a three-game losing streak into the playoffs yet win the Super Bowl.

A week ago on Sunday, Valentines Day- BOOM goes the dynamite!

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