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Soxman and Friends Preview Super Bowl

By TSB Staff


Regardless of what the experts have said all season long, statistically you couldn’t ask for a better Super Bowl match-up that has defined the 2008-2009 NFL season.

The Cardinals sport the NFL’s 4th best offense (365.8 total yards per game) and second best quarterback in Kurt Warner, (who averages 292 passing yards per game).

The Steel Curtain defense of Pittsburgh is number one in the NFL (237.2 total yards per game), 1st against the pass (165.9 yards per game), and 2nd against the rush (76.9 yards per game).

Most experts are picking the Steelers to win based on their dominating season and Super Bowl experience.  Conventional wisdom would agree.  However, when has Soxman done anything conventional?  The very nature of a baseball super hero commenting on football alone could draw a challenge flag from many a fan of the gridiron.


Alas, I challenge you to think of the intangibles, and as I have no monetary interest in this game whatsoever, to pick with your heart.

Your Super Bowl 43 Champions will be: The Arizona Cardinals.


The Arizona Cardinals used to be the Chicago Cardinals and play in Old Comiskey Park.  Have to support a Chicago alum!

While the Cardinals running game was dead last in the NFL during the regular season, Edgerrin James seems to have found the fountain of youth or at least the fountain of pending free agency to emerge as the number one rusher in the post season.

Soxman loves the underdog.  Ask Paul M. Banks about last year’s Super Bowl.
Is this not the year of Change?  Yes We Can!

The “X” factors to the Cardinals victory will be the establishment of a running threat.  Edge and Hightower don’t have to dominate, they just have to open up the Steel Curtain slightly to the pass.  If this happens Pittsburgh will not be able to contain what is, in my opinion, the best trifecta of receivers in the NFL in Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Breaston.  Boldin’s hamstring and mental stability after his play-off meltdown will also be key.
So why many may be saying “Who cares” when commenting on this year’s Super Bowl, I believe making the statement that: this year’s big game is going to the birds is actually a good thing.  Go Cards!


First off, if still you’re looking for something to do for the big game, head to Stardust in Downers Grove where I’ll be MCing the hottest Super Bowl party in Chicagoland. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

Although this is far from being the most interesting Super Bowl in recent years, it does present a captivating contrast in franchise histories. The Pittsburgh Steelers have 5 Super Bowl wins, tied for most all-time with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. The Arizona (previously the Phoenix, St. Louis and Chicago) Cardinals are not really here at all, right? Seriously! Since the L.A. Clippers of the NFL are here, I might as well pick the 7 point underdog: because absolutely nothing that’s occurred this NFL season has been predictable or made any sense.


Also, the Cards hold a trump in place-kicker Neil Rackers, whose spikes are already in Canton due to the game in which he kicked three 50 yard field goals. He was my graduating class at the University of Illinois and lived in my apartment complex senior year. There he was known as “the totally boss kicker who splits the uprights on kickoffs and sprints downfield to touch the goal line on all touchbacks” and/or “the crazy kid with dyed hair.” I often joke about how Neil Street in Champaign is named after Rackers. At the conclusion of this game…it honestly will be.

Still don’t think the Cardinals will win? They have Jesus H. Christ on their side via Kurrt Warner…and after driving the wicked money changers from the temple, protecting Warner’s blind side blitz should be a piece of cake.


Picks Cardinals Over Steelers – By 6

Little girls like Cinderella and grow up rooting for Cinderella teams to win Superbowls. Watch the Cardinals’ offense outshine the Steelers’ defense just a wee’ bit. I predict back-and-forth TDs until the Cards are forced to fight for the yardage needed to get within field goal range.  That’s when Rackers makes the two they’ll win by- both in the mid-40’s.

Either way, Terrible Towels are made by the mentally challenged in Chippewa Falls, WI, so if Pittsburgh wins, hard-working people gain job security and pride. No bring-you-down moment there!


There is one simple reason that I am picking Arizona to win Super Bowl XLIII; I trust Kurt Warner.  He’s the kind of guy you can tell your cash card PIN # to if he took you to a drive-up ATM.  I trust that he’s said all the right things to his teammates.  I trust that he has read the appropriate amount of bible passages, and he is really pushing the whole underdog thing.  Never underestimate a team with nothing to lose and a high-powered offense- especially with two coaches that were recently on the other team.  Plus, I’m getting seriously close to man-crush status with Larry Fitzgerald.