Mike Martz Resigns from Chicago Bears, GM Angelo Fired


Mike Martz resigned from the Chicago Bears today; more like he was forced out.  Martz often himself in trouble for ultra pass-heavy schemes that left the quarterback vulnerable.

Not a good idea when the Bears just acquired Jay Cutler, giving the franchise it’s first real signal caller since Sid Luckman. In both years Cutler and Martz worked together there was friction and trouble.

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Jay Cutler Directs F-Bomb at Mike Martz? (Video)

jay cutler injury

Although Jay Cutler never has said it publicly, we know he must HATE his offensive coordinator Mike Martz; due to his schemes that consistently leave the quarterback a sitting duck with little pass protection. Martz offenses have commonly led the NFL in sacks allowed, and this Chicago Bears team is no different.

The have an OL that screams “run max protect formations” and “please try more running plays.” However, Martz is stubborn, and does whatever he wants, without regard to personnel. This will get Cutler KILLED.

And in this video Jay seems to be expressing that frustration.

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Five Lessons We Learned From the Saints’ Beatdown of the Bears

After a rousing Week 1 victory over the Atlanta Falcons at Soldier Field, the Chicago Bears headed down to the Superdome in New Orleans to battle the Saints in another NFC South matchup. All of the confidence they brought with them south of the Mason-Dixon line didn’t mean diddly squat, however, as the Saints picked apart the Bears’ weakened secondary and sacked Jay Cutler six times en route to a 30-13 victory.

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What Gabe Carimi Brings to the Chicago Bears

On Thursday, the Chicago Bears addressed their greatest need when drafting Wisconsin’s offensive lineman Gabe Carimi with their first pick of the 2011 NFL Draft.

The Bears gave up a disgusting 56 sacks (tops in the league) and ended up with a bruised and battered Jay Cutler when it was all said and done last season.

Let me tell you why and how Carimi can upgrade one of the worst offensive lines in all of football.

By: Nick Grays
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Tice better be prepared for Jared Allen and company

Jared Allen should be keeping Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice awake at night.

The 6’6″ 270 pound end Allen already has 4 sacks and 26 tackles, and is a sizeable mismatch for Frank Omiyale to guard on Sunday when the Bears play at home.

At times Omiyale has looked more “LOST” trying to figure out what end or blitzing linebacker to pick up for a block than the entire fanbase of the popular ABC television show after the season finale.

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Mike Martz: Not Actually the Bears Savior


Remember when Mike Martz had good reason to be arrogant?

Remember when he was the architect of the “Greatest Show on Turf?” Really, do you?

It wasn’t that long ago. Now, that once highly regarded offensive NFL wunderkind is struggling to show the same prowess as the Offensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears. In fact, to even call his struggles “struggles” is being very kind (to Martz, not to the word “struggles”).

The last time Mike Martz could even claim to be “Master of his own Domain” was just before kick-off of Super Bowl XXXVI in February of 2002.  Since then, Martz’s offensive mojo has been lacking and his decision making has been regarded as downright putrid.

By Peter Christian

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NFC North Review: Chicago Bears Grab Early Supremacy

With a dramatic 20-17 win over the Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears join the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers as the only 3-0 teams in the NFL. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who predicted those three teams to have a perfect start to the season. Nonetheless, the Bears have shown vast improvement from their 7-9 record in 2009. In fact, the team from Chi-Town last started 3-0 in 2006; a year in which the Bears started 7-0 and eventually played in the Super Bowl.

It all starts with the defense as the acquisition of Julius Peppers seems to be a great one. Anyone who watched the Monday Night game could see how big of a match-up problem Peppers was for the entire Packers’ offensive line. Half of the Packers’ franchise record-tying 17 penalties were directly or indirectly related to keeping Peppers away from Aaron Rodgers. Additionally, Brian Urlacher looks like he has returned to form with a game-high nine tackles (Lance Briggs also had nine) and the clutch strip of wideout James Jones late in the fourth quarter.

Before we jump to any conclusions, let’s take a quick look at the status of each team in the NFC North:

By: Nick Grays

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UPDATED Round-by-Round RB Rankings

adrian peterson

QB Rankings WR Rankings TE Ranking
(These rating reflect a 12-team PPR-scoring league)
Round 1

1. Chris Johnson
2. Adrian Peterson
3. Maurice Jones-Drew
4. Ray Rice
5. Steven Jackson
6. Michael Turner
7. Frank Gore

Notes: If you have a top-7 pick, I think you have to grab one of these RBs. The position is just too top-heavy to go WR or QB, regardless of scoring format….In a PPR league, you could make a case for Rice being taken #1 overall. I personally wouldn’t do it with Willis McGahee still taking goal-line carries, but Rice sure does catch a lot of passes.

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