Bucks Draft Report: Scheyer highlights workout of second rounders

Jon Scheyer

The second of three days worth of Milwaukee Bucks prospect workouts featured what scouting director Billy McKinney called “a group of very solid second round players.”

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The 2010 NCAA Tournament Year Book Awards presented by The Sports Bank

This week at The Sports Bank we posed ourselves some NCAA Tournament related “Yearbook Questions” to figure out two things: A) Just how much we enjoy being smart asses and B) well, there really is no B), we just wanted to share our smart ass comments with you in a little bit different format.

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Gonzaga’s Matt Bouldin is a Cool Dude

By Paul M. Banks

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I caught up to Gonzaga’s Matt Bouldin while he and his teammates were borrowing the Luvabulls’ (Chicago Bulls Dance Team) locker room for their United Center game vs. Illinois. We both joked that this interview would have been a lot more fun if some of the Luvabulls were there with us.

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