Tom Izzo isn’t going anywhere

michigan state basketball izzo

We’ve all heard the news and rumors about MSU’s head coach Tom Izzo: $30 million, 5 years from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even though State’s A.D. says no official offer has even been made. However, don’t believe any of this  hype- unless Izzo knows he has Lebron to work with.

Michigan State entered this past season ranked #2 in the AP poll. They had their struggles in midseason, but played up to the hype when it counted in March. Without top player Kalin Lucas, the Spartans still finished just one HORRIBLE non-call away from playing in the national title game.

Next year, they’ll likely be #2 again, or  maybe #1. So Izzo has a title to win. And the only way he can do that in Cleveland, is if LeBron stays put.

By Paul M. Banks

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