Steve Jobs Was Willing to “Go Thermonuclear War” on Google

The media spotlight shone brightly (and rightfully so) on Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs in the week or so following his death. Now reporters will focus on the wife he left behind, Laurene Powell Jobs, and what she’ll do with the fortune she will inherit. Through a spokeswoman, Ms. Powell Jobs, has declined many interview requests.

But that’s an issue that’s likely to be over-shadowed, at least for the time being, by a book detailing Steve Jobs‘ life and the Apple vs. Google bloodfeud.

According to the Huffington Post:

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Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs’ Widow an Innovator As Well

The shocking death of Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has been dominating the news lately, and for great reason, as he was taken from us way too early. Jobs forever revolutionized the way we communicate and work with each other, and for generations down the road. His commencement speech at Stanford is something you should watch. You can see why it’s gotten over a million views.

I agree with the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart that Steve Jobs, left us too early and “we weren’t done with you yet…like some alien that comes to Earth and gives us the ground-breaking technology, shows us how to use it, then flies away saying ‘there you go have fun’ and we’re like ‘wait, what does this green button do?’

But do you know the story of Laurene Powell Jobs? His widow and co-founder and President of the Board of College Track. She’s an innovator in her own right.

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