Flashback: Patrick Kane at the University of Wisconsin on Cinco De Mayo

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Flashback to 2012: reposting in honor of Cinco De Mayo

The Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane is at it again. Or more likely, he’s been at it, but this time he’s been shutterbugged and published.  This is courtesy of Terez Owens. We have some fun pics for you. From the Terez Owens “tipster” comes this:

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Blackhawks finally comment on Patrick Kane party photos

patrick kane

The Chicago Blackhawks finally made a public comment today on the Patrick Kane party photos that caused such an internet stir a couple weeks ago.

Shocking no one, the organization said via GM Stan Bowman, that they are disappointed, and consider these photos to be really bad publicity.

Thus ends the bizarre public silence on the matter. And by the matter I mean Kaner allowing himself to appear in public apparently passed out drunk, rolling around on the ground with college kids and sporting a t-shirt made of a photo of himself that most people would consider embarrassing.

Not #88 though.

Bowman addressed the media on conference call; discussing recent re-signings.

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Blackhawks cut off Patrick Kane access; Kaner on his way out?


Is Patrick Kane on his way out of town? Are the Chicago Blackhawks sick of his antics? The team is not answering any media requests at all regarding Kaner’s allegedly getting drunk, passing out at a bar, choking a woman, and hurling anti-Semitic slurs while getting kicked out of a party at the University of Wisconsin.

The Hawks aren’t even bothering to do damage control or enact the spin machine on this one. They won’t even allow “Kaner” to talk to the Chicago Tribune, let alone any other media outlets. Taking it further, they won’t even allow anyone from the team to even discuss Kane.

Does this mean it’s the end of the Kane era in Chicago?

The Trib’s Steve Rosenbloom believes so. He also believes the silence means the Hawks regard the 23-year-old NHL superstar as guilty of what multiple people accuse him of doing.

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Could Patrick Kane’s Partying be Hurting his Game, Blackhawks?

patrick kane drinking

Patrick Kane likes to go out and drink. That’s been well-documented, and not news to anyone. There are hundreds of pics of him out on the town debauching himself posted all over the internet. And that’s his choice. He’s an adult and can do whatever he wants.

But not everyone can follow the alleged lead of Mark Grace, who did his partying and supposed “slumpbusting” in Lincoln Park, the near north side etc. and still performed for the Chicago Cubs everyday.

“Kaner” is missing practice and that severely hurts his Chicago Blackhawks teammates, who are hurting themselves right now. They probably won’t make the playoffs and that means finger pointing will soon commence.

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Kane & Toews Awkwardly Pick up Fictional Women in HORRIBLE Ad

patrick kane drinking

Have you seen the new Dell web ad featuring Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews? It is AWKWARD! It’s plot centers around two young, famous multi-millionaires making a poor and stilted attempt to pick up three women with their tech toy.

In other words, it’s really stupid and bizarre and I understand why it got pulled from YouTube. I’m sure the police resistance over at the Hawks Communications and Marketing departments did what they had to get this train wreck taken down before further embarrassment falls on the organization.

Ever since John McDonough and the Waylon Smithers to his Mr. Burns, Jay Blunk too over Blackhawks message control, the “Cubification” of the team has done a pretty good job preventing things like this from undermining their carefully crafted public image.

But THANK YOU hockey blog Subtle like Seabrook, for saving this for us.

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2010–2011 Chicago Blackhawks Season Preview

patrick kane drinking

It’s that time of year again!!! The air is getting colder, and the sweaters are coming out.  The hockey sweaters that is.  Well maybe not today exactly in Chicago- it’s actually perfect and 75 out today. And it’ll be almost 80 this weekend. But eventually, probably a few games into the regular season, it will get cold, and it will be officially hockey season. Opening Day of the NHL 2010-11 season is here and today, we take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks, and what to expect for the season.

As you can see from the picture above, Patrick Kane and company, the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, are the toast of the town, America’s #1 sports town.

By: Bryan Vickroy

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Having a Stanley Cup should help you Pick Up

stanley cup

I know a lot of dudes who use props of some sort when they hit the bars trolling for booty. And although almost all of these props don’t usually accomplish the intended “one goal,” you have to give some of the guys I know a little credit for being creative. Besides Vancouver Goaltender Roberto Loungo has nothing on a girl who goes out on a Friday night with the sole intention of just getting guys to buy drinks for her. Good luck with your “shots” there.

But our good friends at TMZ.com are back with a great story about the flirting prop of all flirting props. Read on to see Kaner’s (KANER!!) hilarious comment

It’s not often a 117-year-old icon hits the club scene — but last night Lord Stanley’s Cup cruised over to Hollywood for a night of mayhem with Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane.

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Blackhawks Big 2 (Kane, Toews) Control Game 2


It was the Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane show during the Chicago Blackhawks 4-2 game 2 victory at San Jose. The Hawks’ two most iconic players zipped around the ice in Silicon Valley like an Intel core i7 processor. And pretty soon, they could make the San Jose Sharks as outdated and useless as a 286 CPU. (Apologies for the tech nerd metaphors, hey, when in San Jose). Two is indeed a magic number, as Chicago has two down, and two to go to reach their first Stanley Cup Final since ’92. The big two, and their coach, the Q Stache had a lot to say about last nights game 2 victory

–Paul M. Banks

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Blackhawks Bits: Early Season Edition


By Paul M. Banks

It’s been an exciting first couple of weeks for Patrick Kane and his Chicago Blackhawks’ teammates. Chicago has a Western Conference leading 11 points and a 5-1-1 record. Kane has been a huge factor in that success, as he leads the team in shots on goal with 26, is tied with Patrick Sharp for the team lead in assists (4), and is second to Sharp in points with 7. There’s been quite a few Kane/Hawks stories flying around the world wide web during the first half of October, here’s some of the best.

-Bear Market Business

The Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bears announced Wednesday a historic partnership between the two franchises, marking the first of its kind between an Original Six National Hockey League team and a founding franchise of the National Football League.

The cross-branding promotional initiative includes commercials, representation inside the United Center and Soldier Field during home games for each team and a wealth of other activities. The five sets of commercials that will be released this fall feature one Blackhawks player and one Bears player, emphasizing the mutual support between each organization and the city of Chicago. Patrick Kane will join his Blackhawks teammates Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, Brent Seabrook and Brian Campbell. Who will team up  with Bears Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, Robbie Gould, Lance Briggs and Greg Olsen in these spots. In his promo, Kane crouched over a football with his hockey stick and wristed the ball 20 yards downfield into the arms of receiver Devin Hester.

“Partnering with the Blackhawks is a unique relationship that showcases two storied Chicago franchises,” said Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Hibbs.  “The collaboration of the two teams and our star athletes is something we hope the passionate Chicago sports community can rally around.”dsc02123

-Patrick Kane Quote of the Week

The business deal was probably foreshadowed by this quote published a few days before on ESPNChicago.com

“Obviously the Bears are the Bears. They’re always going to be adored in this city, and we have to deal with that.”

It was featured in a piece about the Hawks starting their home slate October 10th in ton that year-in, year-out has a dysfunctional obsession with the Bears, and this year also has a collective and increasingly pathological man-crush on QB Jay Cutler.

-The Comeback Kid

On Monday night, the Hawks matched the biggest comeback in NHL history, rallying from a five-goal deficit to beat the Calgary Flames 6-5. Chicago fell behind 5-0 in the first period before overtaking the Flames, the team they eliminated in the Western Conference Quarterfinals last April. The rally was the biggest in franchise history and Kane was the best player on the ice that night, taking over the game in the second period and finishing with a goal and two assists.
More detail on Kane’s role courtesy of Annenberg’s Digital News Sports Blog

After Kane’s beautiful wrist shot for goal and an intelligent across ice pass to set up left wing Dustin Byfuglien’s third tally of the season, the Hawks found themselves down by only two goals. And Kane’s heroics weren’t done yet. Late in the second period, as the Flames continued to play conservatively, Kane took advantage of Calgary’s poor defensive alignment and found winger Dave Bolland, who beat Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff to cut the lead to one. As home team dressed in red left the ice in the second period they were greeted with a very different sound from the Chicago faithful, loud cheers.


An extremely rare on-ice occurrence, Patrick Kane saw a minute of time on the penalty kill in the Hawks win over the Florida Panthers earlier this month. He even contributed a blocked shot during his time with the special teams unit. But he’s not there for defense, his role, according to coaches is to give the team a short-handed offensive push.