Top 20 2013 NBA free agents

nba free agents

The 2013 group of NBA free agents is a lot deeper and more talented than last year’s crop.  Star players like Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and Josh Smith will be available this summer and there are several teams that have put themselves in position to make some major splashes in free agency.  Here is a look at the Top 20 NBA free agents for this off-season.

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NBA Trade Deadline winners and losers

jj redick

The NBA Trade Deadline came and went without any star players changing homes.  It was less entertaining than this season of American Idol… and that’s saying something.  In fact, the “biggest” name to be traded was J.J. Redick who went from Orlando to Milwaukee.  Ish.  Here are the winners and losers of the 2013 NBA Trade Deadline.

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Top ten 2013 unrestricted NBA free agents

chris paul free agent

Now that the dust has pretty much settled on the 2012 NBA free agency period, we can look ahead to next summer when big names like Dwight Howard and Chris Paul are slated to hit the open market.  Here is a look at the top ten unrestricted free agents for the 2013 NBA off-seasonClick here for a list of the top NBA restricted free agents in 2013.
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