Both Tennessee and Kentucky pursuing Jon Gruden


Wouldn’t it be great to get Jon Gruden out of broadcasting? Then we wouldn’t have to hear about how EVERY NFL player is the best at his position.

Well maybe he’ll leave the booth for an SEC college football gig. Or Chucky will make his decision based on the winner of this weekend’s “fired bowl.”

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In NFL Coaching, Solid Consistency Better than Momentary Greatness

Jeff Fisher has come under fire this season for his relationship with embattled quarterback Vince Young. Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams has an affinity for those players that come out of the University of Texas, so the coach is definitely on the hot seat at the moment. Fisher is in his sixteenth full season with the organization. He displays stability in the NFL, in an area where it’s otherwise hard to come by. Employment is a fragile thing in the league, but Fisher should be given the benefit of the doubt over a player who has demonstrated his penchant for instability through immature behavior.

Especially when you consider what Jon Gruden, Jim Fassell, and Brian Billick all have in common…

They all won Super Bowls this past decade, but are currently out of the league.

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What Brad Childress Should Do With His Contract Buyout

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress has been fired

According to the Delaware County Daily Times (PA) on November 22nd, the Vikings now owe Brad Childress over six and a half million dollars to walk away from a team that he left in shambles.

What follows is a list of suggestions for what he should do with this windfall. As Robert Downey Jr. or Vince Neil could testify, a lot of free time and mountains of money can be a dangerous combination.

By Patrick Herbert

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